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Summer sculpture 2 in Porto Montenegro
Summer Sculptures in Porto Montenegro
July 9, 2021
New 1 Bedroom Flat in the Center of Bar
New 1 Bedroom Flat in the Center of Bar
July 15, 2021


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Budva is the most popular coastal city in Montenegro. It's the biggest tourist center in the country. It has a modern and old part. The modern part has a lot of shops, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, dance bars, parks, and cafes. The main feature of the city - its old part which is located on the sea. It has a small medieval city, with stony narrow streets, lovely houses, and own beach. There are few shops in the old city which are aimed to attract tourists so they would be able to have a memory of this remarkable place.

The city is located in the middle of the country's coastline which is very comfortable so tourists can easily travel to different parts of the city. Since it's the most popular resort, there are a lot of hotels and beaches all of a kind. There are a few small islands near the city and you can go to the most popular one which is called Hawaii by boat from the city beach. If you have a car, you can easily drive to other beaches located pretty close to the main city beach. Each beach has beach equipment and slides for kids. You can also rent some water machines (boat, SAP, yacht, or water quad).

Budva has a bus station so you can go to any city by bus, or you can always take a taxi or rent a car. It will take about an hour to arrive from Podgorica or Tivat airport in case you will arrive by plane to the country. As well as in other cities, it's a good choice if you travel with kids as there is a big choice of entertainment for kids. And it's very popular among young tourists who like to go dancing, to meet new people and beach rest in general. The best advantage - there is the biggest in Adriatic coastline waterpark which is only 10mins by bus from the old town of Budva. It has a perfect location so you can see the whole coastline from the top and it's a perfect place for kids and adults.

Temperature of the sea in Budva

Sea water temperature

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