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Jaz Beach on the sunset
Jaz Beach
June 20, 2020
June 28, 2020

Slovenska Plaža (City Beach in Budva)

Slovenska Plaža is the main public city beach in the most popular beach resort in Montenegro - Budva. It's a long beach, with an amazing view to the st.Nikolay island with the most popular Hawaii beach. The city is surrounded by mountains that create a breathtaking view from the sea to gorgeous mountains.

There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, shops along the beach. The beautiful promenade offers a lot of types of entertainment for kids as well as for adults. The city has all the needed infrastructure so it's a perfect place to spend your vacation at. There is a big free parking not very far from the beach and few paid ones.

You can rent a boat, yacht, water quad, or catamaran to have a lovely sea trip or reach st. Nikolay island. There is the biggest aqua park on the Adriatic coast, located close to Budva.

A lot of young people choose this beach as there is a lot of space there, you can find cool parties there, meet new people and just spend a quality beach time. The water is wonderful there and there are always a lot of people at the high season as well as in other seasons.
  • Slovenska Plaza daytime
  • Slovenska Plaza from the boat
  • Slovenska Plaza close to Becici
  • Parking near Slovenska Plaza
  • Slovenska Plaza promenade along the beach
  • Slovenska Plaza sunbeds in a season
  • Slovenska Plaza stony coast
  • Slovenska Plaza sunbeds
  • Slovenska Plaza view on St.Nikolay island
  • Promenade in Budva near Slovenska Plaza
  • Slovenska beach view
  • Slovenska beach in Budva
  • Slovenska beach sea
  • Slovenska beach from the sea