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Slovenska beach
Slovenska Plaža (City Beach in Budva)
June 20, 2020
Coast in Ulcinj
July 11, 2020


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Petrovac is a lovely coastal town in Budva Municipality. it's a very popular touristic resort. It has a lot of modern and very beautiful hotels, you can rent any apartments, rooms or whole villas. The city has all needed infrastructure - bars, restaurants, shops etc. There are a touristic stands that offer all the needed information for tourists.

The city has a lovely promenade where you can buy some souvenirs or stuff for your rest, have a nice dinner, or just have a coffee. You will definitely enjoy the walk along the sea on the promenade. There is a beautiful road from the beach to the old part of the city. The road has a ponton into the sea from where you can enjoy an amazing view to the city. There is a very small port from where you can rent a boat and get a boat tour along an incredible seashore.

As many other coastal cities, Petrovac is surrounded by mountains that make it so cozy and lovely. There is a beautiful forest in the city, a bit on the cliffs. Walking in the forest, you can enjoy a fantastic sea views to the city and small islands in front of the city. Walking through the tunnel, you can reach hidden cliffs and nice beach.

Petrovac has a good transport interchange - it's close to Budva, Bar, Podgorica and Tivat (two airports). The bus station offers tickets to all major cities of the country.

It's also a good choice for families as there are a few playgrounds for kids and different beaches that will be a good option for families.

Temperature of the sea in Petrovac

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