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Long beach
Long Beach (Velika Plaža)
July 13, 2020
Sutomore Beach
Sutomore Beach
July 13, 2020

Petrovac Beach

Petrovac Beach is a very beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast. It is located in a popular resort-city Petrovac. There is all the needed infrastructure over there so you could really enjoy your staying - restaurants, small shops, ice-cream stands, touristic shops with useful touristic equipment and souvenirs, cafes, bakeries and many more. You can rent a hotel room, a single room or apartment, flat or the whole villa - anything you wish for.

The coastline is very beautiful, the beach is located in a small bay so there are almost never happen big waves that make it so appealing for families with kids. And the view is like many other coastal beaches - will take your breath away. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the water is very clear and clean.

The location is just amazing - it is located between two biggest cities - Budva and Bar that makes it perfect for tourism - you can easily reach a lot of sights by bus, car or any other available transport. It is also pretty close to the capital and its airport and it's very good for traveling. You can rent any water type of transport on the beach and enjoy a really exquisite view of the coastline.
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