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Liman 1 Beach
Liman 1 Beach
July 23, 2020
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July 25, 2020

Beach Features

Montenegro is a very beautiful coastal country, located on the Adriatic sea. It has a large coastline what makes it a very appealing sea resort. It attracts a lot of tourists from different countries by its beautiful sea, beaches, and sea breeze. Traveling to Montenegro it's better to know a few features about the beaches.

Most of the beaches in the country are stony so if you don't use to walk on the stones, it's better to buy swimming shoes. But compared to its neighbor Croatia, there are no sea urchins on the sea near the beaches. So sea urchins could be in places where people don't swim so you don't need to be scared to swim without shoes. Also, there are no fish that could bite so it's very safe to swim even for kids.

There are a few sandy beaches and beaches with small pebble that are appealing for walking and playing, including kids. But even they have a pretty dark sand. In general stony beaches are good for feet, to walk without shoes. There is one beach called Red beach that has red stones and when the stones warm up a lot on the summer heat, it creates a very good healing effect. It's very good to lay on the stones and walk on them as well.

Because of stony beaches, the Adriatic sea is the cleanest with the most transparent water compared to other seas. And also because it's harder to heat up stones, the Adriatic sea is a bit colder than others (Mediterranean, Aegean sea etc). So the sea on the sandy beaches is warmer than on others.

According to local laws the half of each beach supposed to be free, and the other half could be filled with paid umbrellas and sunbeds. It's important to know it when you are going to the beach. There is a beautiful Boka-Kotor bay and there are almost no waves there. It's a typical feature. But because of its incredible beauty and famous cities located on the bay (Kotor, Herceg-Novi), there are huge cruise ships that sail into the bay.

So if you're planning your trip to Montenegro, it's better to learn more about the cities, its resorts and beaches you will visit to be sure which beaches you might love.