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Beach Features
July 25, 2020
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July 25, 2020

Local Cuisine

Located in Europe, Montenegro has traditional European food. The close location to Italy, Serbia and Greece affects the local cuisine.

Local cuisine

Since the country has a lot of mountains, the ecology is perfect in the country. There are a lot of farms and local small farmings that produce ecological and very tasty farm products. So the most famous and very tasty product, which is the main feature of local cuisine is Prshut (Pršut). It is dry-cured ham, made from pork meat mostly. The combination of salty and fresh mountain air makes prshut so tasty. You can find it everywhere - in a small villages, in a big cities in supermarkets, in each serving in each house and restaurants. Visiting Montenegro, you should try it - you will fall in love with prshut for sure!

The other tasty local farming product is Kaymak. It's a creamy cheese, that has very unique and original taste. It's very good with bread, prshut and coffee. Having kaymak with prshut for breakfast, drinking hot coffee - will make each day special and will make you happy. You won't find more tasty way to start the day and enjoy the unique features of local cuisine.

Love for cheese.

In general, locals love cheese. There are a lot of types of cheese that are pretty different from other countries. All cheeses are very tasty and original. Montenegrings always have few sorts of cheese on the table when they are having guests, for holidays and on daily dishes. Lamb under sach is one of most popular typical balcan dishes. It's a very tasty dishes, you can try in restaurants, in small villas. The dish has a long time preparing but the taste will not leave you indifferent.

Other dishes

There are a lot of lamb and pork dishes you can try as well as other meat ones. Local soups have unique recipes and are very rich and tasty. Dispite it's a sea country, Montenegro only about a century ago reaches the sea and discovered sea food. So the sea business isn't developed that much as in other coastal countries. You still can find good fish restaurants and try good fish dishes. There are few oyster farms where you can try fresh oysters, prawns, mussels and other seafood.

Montenegrins love bakings. There are a lot of bakeries in the country where you can buy always fresh croissants, puffs, muffins and other bakings.


The main popular drink in Montenegro is coffee. When you will visit local, they will offer you coffee for sure. Each restaurant makes good coffee, every cafe and farm. All locals start the day with a cup of coffee probabaly because of mountains air. If you will not drink coffee, you might feel the lack of energy and pretty tired.

One of the most famous alcoholic drink is Rakija. It usually contains 50-60% OF alcohol and is mae with adding fruits like quince, grape etc. It's a sweet and very tasty drink which you will love. Many locals make it at home so you can buy it everywhere. There is a beer factory in the country, Nikshic city, so beer Nikšićko is the local product and locals are very proud of it. Beer is a popular drink in the country as well.

Also there arae a lot of vineyards in the country and local factory. It's a brand calls Plantaže. It makes young and a very tasty wine. The price is low so it makes affordable for anyone. Thata's why it is very popular in the country and even abroad. It's the best addition to any dinner.

As you can see, local cuisine is very different, unique and tasty. You can also find other dishes, common in other countries.