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Utjeha Beach
Utjeha Beach
July 14, 2020
Beach features
Beach Features
July 25, 2020

Liman 1 Beach

Liman 1 Beach is a small beach, located in Ulcinj near the old town. You go a bit up the mountain, passing by the cemetery, and you will see the sign - Liman 1 Beach. You climb down to the beach by stony winding good road. The beach is pretty small, surrounded by mountains, located in a lovely small bay. The view is really beautiful. The beach is divide to two parts - free and paid one. There is a beach bar where you can buy drinks and some food.

There are sunbeds you can rent and even few closed ones, with curtains. The beach is good for swimming and snorkeling. Since it's a stony beach, the water is very clear and clean there. The color of the water is fantastic and you can see it when you go down to the beach, watching it from the top. It's nice to observe it from the road first to find out if there are many people or not.
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