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September on the Adriatic Coast
September 7, 2022
Kotor Beach
September 23, 2022

St.Nedelja island

St.Nedelja island is a very nice tiny island in front of Petrovac beach. It's one of two islands that creates a beautiful coastline and famous landscape view. The island has a tiny church at the top of the hill. The legend says that the boat was wrecked at the island and for the gratitude for being saved, the sailors built there a church. If you make a wish and ring the bell in the church, your wish will come true.

You can reach the island from the sea by the boat, paddle board, kayak or swimming. Sea trip around the island is such an amazing adventure when you can explore amazing coast, its rocks and climb the hill to reach the church.
  • St.Nedelja-island-with-the-boat
  • Stony-St.Nedelja-island
  • Turquoise-sea-and-St.Nedelja-island-rocks
  • Magical-rock-of-St.Nedelja-island
  • St.Nedelja-island-and-its-rocks
  • Rocky-St.Nedelja-island
  • St.Nedelja-island-in-the-blue-sea
  • St.Nedelja-island-view-and-coast
  • St.Nedelja-island-from-the-boat-view
  • St.Nedelja-island-and-amazing-coastline