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Amazing park Sveti Stefan and its beach
Park Sveti Stefan
January 31, 2021
Hidden grotto on ladies beach
Ladies Beach
February 4, 2021

Park Milocer

Park Milocer is in the list of top #10 sights you must visit in Montenegro. It's not only one of the most amazing parks in the country but also in the world.

It is so beautiful because it's located in a unique area, next to famous Sveti Stefan Island and the park Sveti Stefan. Park Milocer has a unique flora. There are a lot of unusual trees and flowers that were imported from Asia, America and Africa.

The territory of the park is well-groomed and cozy. You can peacefully walk along clean hiking trails and enjoy amazing views. There are some stairs that lead you inside the forest. The road along the coast has an amazing view to Budvanska rivjera and Milocher beach.

There is one beautiful building that is used to be the royal residence. Nowadays it's a modern beautiful hotel. Its own beach - Milocer beach has a fantastic view. Any tourist can go there but the entrance is very expensive and its included in the price for residents of the hotel. Not each part of the park is open for everyone because it belongs to the hotel but mostly it's allowed to walk there and enjoy. There are a few benches in the park where you can sit and watch the view, connect with nature in peace. There is a monastery above the residence, in the hill.

In the high season there are a lot of tourists in the park since it's one of the most popular touristic attractions. But if you will arrive in a low season, you can enjoy it fully, feel the peace and whisper of nature and get an inspiration from there. In a low season you can also walk on the beaches that are open and free and enjoy all the beauty around.
  • Beautiful road to Park Milocer
  • Sea near the Park Milocer
  • Blue sea and view to Budva from Park Milocer
  • Amazing sea and cliffs from Park Milocer
  • The road to Park Milocer
  • The view to the queen beach in the Park Milocer
  • Winding hiking trail in Park Milocer
  • Tree with the view on Budvanska rivjera. Park Milocer
  • Sea and trees. Park Milocer
  • Bench on the red gravel. Park Milocer
  • Unique trees in the Park Milocer
  • Perfect place to enjoy a perfect mountains view in the Park Milocer
  • Trees and sky in Park Milocer
  • Lovely mysterious forest. Park Milocer
  • Tree light in the forest in the Park Milocer
  • Incredible big tree over the sea in the Park Milocer
  • Walking adventure in the Park Milocer
  • Different trees in the Park Milocer
  • Amazing forest trails in Park Milocer
  • Trees along the sea in Park Milocer
  • Sveti Stefan behind the rock in the Park Milocer
  • Stony walking trail in Park Milocer
  • Fantastic trail in the Park Milocer
  • Lovely tree the view to Sveti Stefan. Park Milocer
  • The view to king palace in Park Milocer
  • Watching queen beach from Park Milocer
  • The entrance to queen beach in Park Milocer
  • Budvanska rivjera and queen beach from Park Milocer
  • Queen beach in the Park Milocer and sea view
  • Gravel on the hiking trail in the garden in Park Milocer
  • Amazing skies in Park Milocer
  • Colorful garden in the Park Milocer
  • Adriatic coast and the best view ever. Park Milocer
  • Amazing coastline from Park Milocer
  • Exploring the garden in Park Milocer
  • The most incredible view in Park Milocer
  • Sea and cliffs in Park Milocer
  • Beautiful sea in Park Milocer
  • Lovely trees in Park Milocer
  • Hiking adventure. Park Milocer
  • Park Milocer in a shadow
  • Area for rest with the view in the Park Milocer
  • Park Milocer at autumn hiking trail
  • Autumn colours in the forest in Park Milocer
  • Park Milocer. Royal residence from the queen beach
  • Queen beach and king residence in Park Milocer
  • Mountain peak in the Park Milocer
  • Peaceful garden in the mountains in Park Milocer
  • Exploring royal residence and its territory in the Park Milocer
  • Walking around royal residence. Park Milocer
  • Stony cave in Park Milocer
  • Olive trees in the Park Milocer
  • Fantastic walk in the Park Milocer
  • Park Milocer. Royal residence
  • Royal residence and garden. Park Milocer
  • Cozy royal garden in Park Milocer
  • Green shades in the Park Milocer
  • Amazing green garden in Park Milocer
  • Park Milocer and its garden
  • Autumn colours in the garden. Park Milocer
  • Gorgeous mountains and the sky in Park Milocer
  • Unique flora of Park Milocer
  • A lot of shades of green at winter in Park Milocer
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