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February 2, 2021
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Bar Waterfall
February 8, 2021

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach is a unique beach near Ulcinj city. This is not only the beach for women but this beach has healing properties. There is a curative sulphur spring that goes right into the sea on the ladies beach. The water saturated with this spring, has a proven healing impact for those women who has fertility issues and other gynocologycal disseases.

The beach is located much lower the main road, surrounded by tall and dense pine and other trees hidden from curious travelers. There is a narrow winding trail that leads to the beach and in a swimming season (from May to October) it is open for women only. At a high season you can rent a sunbed and umbrella and there could be a lot of women. Many female tourists come to that beach because of its famosity and healing impact.

At a low season, when the water gets colder but it's still possible to swim, there could be less people and everything is free. There is a very small stony beach and a few concrete platforms that are made to give an opportunity to put there a sunbed or towel and enjoy sunbathing. There are specifically made stairs that allow to go to swim in the sea. If you swim from the beach - the bottom is pretty stony and there are big rocks in the sea but there are no sea urchins.

The sulphur spring, that goes directly to the sea, colors the water making it a bit lighter and muddy. The spring has a specific smell. But in general the water is very clear and clean there. Surrounded by rocks and hills, the view is pretty amazing. Pine trees around add lovely smell of pure nature. The atmosphere on the beach is very peaceful and conducive to healing. Many women come with empty bottles and you can fill your own bottles with this water from the spring, you can take it with you. You can drench yourself with its water from the bottles or swim directly in the sea. It is allowed to swim there in a swimsuit or half-naked, or fully naked. It's really up to you. There is a cave there where you can swim and explore. There is a specific woman who works there and controls so no one man won't go into the beach.

Personal experience

I didn't have kids for about 10 years. Accidentally I found out about that beach. I've been visited it for 7 or 10 times. Each time I was there for about 2 hours and was swimming 2-3 times. In a few months I got pregnant and now I'm have a happy healthy child. So this beach truly has a healing effect.
  • Cozy hidden ladies beach
  • Clear water on ladies beach
  • Area for sunbathing on ladies beach
  • Sulfur spring goes to the sea on ladies beach
  • Healing sulfur water on ladies beach
  • Healing stony coast on ladies beach
  • Sea on ladies beach. Sulfur spring
  • Ladies beach. hiking trail
  • The green territory to ladies beach
  • The view from the road to the sea near ladies beach
  • The end of the trail to ladies beach
  • The entrance to ladies beach
  • Stony ladies beach surrounded by pine trees
  • Stony ladies beach hidden in the forest
  • Hidden grotto on ladies beach
  • Stony stairs on ladies beach
  • Healing water of amazing ladies beach
  • Sulfur source. ladies beach
  • Sault water full of sulfur on the sea on ladies beach
  • Rocks on ladies beach
  • Sulfur spring in the sea on ladies beach
  • Stony wall on ladies beach
  • Unique ladies beach
  • The area on ladies beach for sunbathing
  • Small unique ladies beach
  • Peaceful ladies beach
  • Ladies beach down the hill
  • Cozy unique beautiful ladies beach
  • Amazing coastline on ladies beach
  • Stony wall covered with trees on ladies beach
  • Stony entrances to the sea on ladies beach
  • Stony area of ladies beach
  • Pine trees on the top of the hills. Ladies beach
  • Stones on the sea on ladies beach
  • Ladies beach in the forest
  • Incredible area of ladies beach
  • Stony area. Ladies beach
  • Unique stones. Ladies beach
  • The area for swimming. Ladies beach
  • The water filled with sulfur on ladies beach
  • Stony resting area on ladies beach
  • The area of ladies beach covered with rocks
  • Sea at sunny winter day on ladies beach
  • Beautiful trees on the top of ladies beach
  • Ladies beach territory at winter
  • Winter colours at ladies beach
  • Trail to ladies beach at winter
  • Trail to ladies beach near the road
  • Hidden and lost in the forest ladies beach
  • Sunny forest. ladies beach
  • Ladies beach from the main road
  • Sea view near ladies beach