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Przno beach before season
Przno Beach
April 20, 2021
Adriatic coast at Valdanos beach
Valdanos Beach
May 2, 2021

Queen's Beach

Queen's Beach is the most incredible private beach you could ever visit. This beach used to belong to a luxurious hotel and it was closed to other people. And only this year it started to be open so anyone can visit it. There is a very beautiful 5-star hotel with own beach. The beach itself is located in a unique place - in a beautiful Milocer park. The beach is located in a natural bay between rocks and surrounded by unique nature so it's hidden from the outer world, from winds and dirt. Surrounded by amazing trees, flowers and shrubs, it has a lovely coniferous smell at the beach. Gorgeous mountains behind add exceptional beauty to the main landscape view.

If you are stay in its hotel, then you can enjoy this amazing beach. But for other people the entrance could be pretty costly at high season and it's free now, when it's still cold to swim. But you can walk there and sit by the sea, enjoying the view. The beach has small red pebbles and sand, which make the beach look extremely attractive and the water looks perfectly clear, transparent and bright.

There is a parking near Milocer park, Sveti Stefan park and Przno village but in any case you will need to walk a bit to reach the beach. But the walk will be amazing - through the forest you will enjoy fantastic nature.
  • Queens beach promenade 1619181987221
  • Beautiful closed Queens beach 1619181986981
  • Luxurious hotel at Queens beach
  • Closed territory of Queens beach
  • Beautiful coniferous trees at Queens beach
  • Surrounded by pure nature Queens beach
  • Queens beach at Milocer park
  • Cozy sandy luxurous Queens beach
  • Fantastic landscape. Queens beach
  • Turquoise sea at Queens beach
  • The most beautiful picturesque Queens beach
  • Fantastic bright transparent water at Queens beach
  • Divine sea water. Queens beach
  • Red pebble in the sea. Queens beach
  • Queens beach. panoramic landscape
  • The beauty of nature. Queens beach
  • Tall green trees and mountains behind Queens beach
  • Sea park view. Queens beach
  • Sea cliffs view. Queens beach
  • Queens beach from the rock
  • Beautiful residence. Queens beach
  • Queens beach. promenade along the beach
  • Luxurious hotel. First line of Queens beach
  • Sea Riviera view from behind the promenade. Queens beach
  • Hotels view. Queens beach
  • Surrounded by nature. Amazing Queens beach
  • Queens beach hotel in a shadow
  • Hotels garden. Queens beach
  • Hidden hotel. Queens beach
  • Cozy luxurious territory of Queens beach
  • Clean lovely territory. Queens beach area
  • The most amazing hotel. Queens beach
  • Queens beach Queens residence
  • Queens beach hotel surrounded by mountains
  • Olive tree at the garden. Queens beach
  • Luxurous hotel residence. Queens beach
  • Hotels pool. Queens beach
  • Amazing walking area. Queens beach
  • Amazing hotels houses. Queens beach
  • Well groomed cozy garden. Queens beach
  • Along the promenade. Queens beach
  • From behind the trees. Hotels territory of Queens beach