10 Reasons to Travel to Montenegro

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Kalardovo beach. Cozy area preparing for a season
Kalardovo Beach
May 3, 2021
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Island of Flowers
May 14, 2021

Montenegro is a small European country, located on the Adriatic coast among gorgeous mountains. Not all people know that it’s a really incredible country with unique nature. Traveling to Montenegro could be your biggest and the most fantastic, unexpected adventure. And here are the reasons why you should travel to Montenegro.

Montenegro is located on the Adriatic sea. The Adriatic sea has the most clear and clean water because most beaches are stony. It makes the coast so transparent and clear. Sea is the first reason for most people to go on a vacation. Living in big or polluted cities, people dream to travel to the sea and have a lovely beach vacation. And here is the good news – Montenegro will fulfill all your needs for the sun and beach rest. It will fit well as for families with kids, and for young people and even extreme adventurers. The views will take your breath away and will make you feel in love with the beauty of the coast, the colour of the sea and all it will bring. There are a lot of incredible beaches and you can live in any city in the sea and fill yourself with its healing energy.

The beauty of nature. Queens beach

2. Amazing Mountains

Another most popular touristic travel destination is mountains. People dream to travel to mountains at any season. People love not only skiing, but also hiking and climbing. Mountains have special healing energy and that’s why people feel such a desire to travel to the mountains. And Montenegro is made of mountains and even its name comes from the mountain. There are different mountains that every traveler will find the right adventure for themselves. There are a lot of travel trails and attractions that you can find in the country. So it’s a perfect choice for any travel lover.

Black mountains Lovcen National Park

3. Beautiful Parks with Unique Nature

Montenegro has a few national parks with divine and unique nature and a lot of different parks for kids, picnics and just for resting near nature. National parks have protected territories with such incredible nature that you might only find in different regions and countries. Here it’s all in one country. Popular travel attractions will allow any tourist to enjoy amazing views and spend quality healthy time with their families or alone. Even small inside the cities won’t leave you unsatisfied – they all have a unique feature and beautiful views and nature.

Sveti Stefan beach 2 and park surrounded by mountains

The unique feature of Montenegro is that what you might search for in different resorts and countries, you can actually find in Montenegro. It has remarkable beaches, fantastic mountains, ski resorts, mountain rivers and lakes with perfect crystal water, waterfalls, forests. It has zip-lines, paddle-boards, skydiving, parasailing, all possible boat-yacht sea trips and sea sports. For more intellectual rest – you can find a lot of museums, antient ruins and historical landmarks. Montenegrins just love kids so families with kids will love to have rest here as there are a lot of different types of entertainment for kids and their parents. There is a big water park in the country and much more. Any tourist will find what is best for him and will be happy to visit such a unique country.

Durdevica Tara Bridge

5. Good Location

Montenegro is located on the Southeast Europe on Balkan peninsula. So it’s pretty comfortable to travel from all around the Europe. The country has 2 international airports, international bus connections and of course, you can always arrive to the country by car. The airports has direct connections not with all countries, but you can check the close countries for the flight and arrive from the closest countries by taxi, bus or rent the car. Traveling by car isn’t just romantic, but you have an opportunity to see the whole beauty during your travels. The country isn’t big so you can cross the whole country within a day. And it’s only a good advantage since you can cover more attractions and locations.

Rijeka Crnojevića top mountains view

6. Appealing Prices, Currency – Euro

This lovely country isn’t not a member of European Union, but is going to become in the near future. But its currency is Euro and it’s very convenient for European travelers. That’s why the prices are lower than in other European resorts but the services are not worse. Most hotels, shops and infrastructure are modern and fashionable. And the country is developing pretty fast so you will absolutely love traveling to this incredible country. For budget tourists it could be a heaven as among the luxury resorts, there are a lot of nice apartment and attractions with good prices.

Queens beach hotel in a shadow

7. Healing Air and Atmosphere

Living in polluted big cities, people could be struggling from different illnesses and look for some resorts to improve their health and rest mentally. The air in Montenegro is so clean so it’s proved that it’s best for people with breathing issues. Fresh mountain air is filled with ions of oxygen. There are a lot of beaches  with coniferous coast which is also very useful for breathing and general healing. It is also a perfect place to connect with nature, establish inner peace and improve your mental health. If you’re tired from society, pollution or noise, you can come to Montenegro in the low season and stay there for at least a few weeks. There is no better place to connect with nature and self. It is proven that nature helps you to harmonize your inner condition, find peace and joy. And this is the essential component of a happy and healthy life.

Kotor Fortress flowers valley

8. Many Romantic Spots

A lot of couples choose Montenegro to have a wedding or special events in the country. You can have a marvelous and unique photo session as there are a lot of incredible places and views. Every place and every time of the day stores beauty which is waiting for couples to fill their lives with remarkable moments and give unrepeatable memories. It is also the best place to find inspiration, peace and fill yourself with love.

Stony Sveti Stefan view. Sveti Stefan beach

9. Perfect for Traveling With Kids

Montenegrins love kids maybe more than other nations that’s why there are a lot of playgrounds and different entertainments for kids. Everywhere your kids will be met with love and tenderness and this will add joy and warmth to each stay. Each kid here is treated like a prince or princess that’s why parents will be happy as well.

Playground for kids in the park Sveti Stefan

10. Incredible People and All the Needed Infrastructure

The biggest treasure of the country – its people. People here are kind, hospitable, loving, selfless and caring. They are always ready to help anyone who is searching for help, even if they don’t understand your language, they will do anything to help you. If someone loses something or money, they will return it without asking for reward. They are ready to share all  they have  with love and openness. But please notice that when you travel to a popular touristic place it needs to be careful as scammers could be everywhere and it’s nothing to do with locals.

Fancy restaurant in Przno beach