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Adriatic coast at Valdanos beach
Valdanos Beach
May 2, 2021
10 Reasons to Travel to Montenegro
10 Reasons to Travel to Montenegro
May 7, 2021

Kalardovo Beach

Kalardovo Beach is a lovely sandy (or small gravel) beach, located near the airport. To get to the beach, you can take a taxi or go by car as it's not very close to the city. The beach is pretty specific - you can watch airplanes arriving and departing from the airport and hear their sounds that are pretty loud. And the beach is pretty shallow, so it's better for families with kids - it's very safe there. And watching planes could be really cool entertainment for kids as the addition to the playground on the beach.

On the beach you can rent loungers and umbrellas, have some food at the restaurant right on the beach. There is a very beautiful view to Tivat airport and the Riviera. Surrounded by mountains, you can enjoy fantastic bay views. The water is very beautiful, clear and transparent at the sea. There is a big parking next to the beach which is very convenient. There is a very beautiful small island of flowers close to the beach that you can also visit while resting on the beach.
  • Kalardovo beach top view
  • Kalardovo beach green side view
  • Kalardovo beach cascading stairs
  • Kalardovo beach top view at Riviera
  • Top coastline view. Kalardovo beach
  • Kalardovo beach sign
  • Kalardovo beach parking surrounded by trees
  • Big parking at Kalardovo beach
  • The road to Kalardovo beach
  • Kalardovo beach empty parking at Spring
  • Entrance from the stairs at Kalardovo beach
  • Well groomed area around Kalardovo beach at Spring
  • Sandy beach cozy coastline. Kalardovo beach
  • Kalardovo beach. Coastline view
  • Very clean and transparent water. Kalardovo beach
  • Kalardovo beach. Cozy area preparing for a season
  • Amazing sea and Riviera view. Kalardovo beach
  • Tivat mountains view. Kalardovo beach
  • Amazing mountains view at Kalardovo beach
  • Perfectly transparent sea water at Kalardovo beach
  • Kalardovo beach view at sunny spring day
  • Empty Kalardovo beach before season
  • Beautiful view at sunny spring day. Kalardovo beach
  • From behind the tree. Kalardovo beach
  • Lovely mountains view. Kalardovo beach
  • Kalardovo sea beach view
  • Kalardovo beach. Entrance from the parking
  • Kalardovo beach and its sign
  • Entrance to Kalardovo beach. Riviera and airport view