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Old Town Budva
Old Town Budva
August 31, 2020
Mogren beach
Mogren Beach
September 9, 2020

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii beach is a lovely beach located on a picturesque island St.Nikola in front of Slovenska Beach in Budva city. It is just a few minutes away by boat from Slovenska beach and there are some taxi-boats that make regular drives to Hawaii beach from that beach. There is a timetable you can find there and a worker who is always ready and happy to help any tourist to find the right boat, trip or give you all the needed information. The boat costs 3 euro per person to sail you to the island and will return you as well.

Since St.Nikola is an island, you can only achieve Hawaii beach from the sea. Of course, you can arrive by private boat, yacht, catamaran, water quad, or paddleboard too. There is a small restaurant on the island and a cafe where you can buy some drinks and have a meal. You can rent sunbeds there with umbrellas and enjoy your time on the island. There is a big forest on the other side of the island which isn't explored yet, you can climb a bit to the hill to see the view of the sea, island and you can see Budva as well. A beautiful cliffs are on the other side of the island and a tiny part of Hawaii beach, hidden from eyes with a very clear clean water. These cliffs surround a very cozy little beach. You can swim to lovely little islets in front of the little beach.

The name of the beach might make you think it's a divine perfect beach with tender white sand, but no. It's a really beautiful beach, with wonderful picturesque views, where you can find some peace far from the city's noise. But there could be other tourists that are looking for some privacy... It's a stony beach as most of beaches in Montenegro but a very cozy one.
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