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Rent accommodation
Rent Accommodation
July 28, 2020
Hawaii beach
Hawaii Beach
September 9, 2020

Old Town Budva

Old Town Budva is probably the main attraction of the city and one of the most popular sights in the country. It is located on the beautiful peninsula along the beach. it is visible from different points, from the sea, and creates a unique view. The buildings come from the Medieval century and the combination of the modern architecture of Budva with the old town makes the city exquisite.

Walking along narrow streets, among stony old houses, you can feel the soul of old times, almost can touch the history, feel the taste of goods, air, hear voices... Many shops, located in the town, can offer you not only regular touristic stuff, but also specific products, typical for the country and those ancient times, local crafts. There are a few cafes, restaurants where you can sit and enjoy local cuisine, drink tasty coffee, and listen to local stories.

The entrance is free so you can walk to the old town from Budva, walking along the coastline, promenade, or directly from the city, walking through touristic stands. There is a small port next to the old town where you can see beautiful yachts. Right next to old town - there is a good hotel with a spa, restaurant, and the beach. You will find there truly incredible view.
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