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Hawaii beach
Hawaii Beach
September 9, 2020
Kamenovo beach
Kamenovo Beach
September 9, 2020

Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach is a very interesting and lovely beach. You can get there walking along the cliffs about 150meters from Old Town Budva. So the only way to get there - is but walk. On the road to that beach, you will see one of the most famous sights in Budva - Ballet Dancer Statue. The statue is located on the stone in front of Old Town Budva and it's perfect for fantastic photos. The road is only a very narrow but very nice one. So even tourists with kids and baby carriages can reach the beach.

The beach isn't very long but it's mostly stony. Located in a small bay, it makes the water very clean and clear. There are beautiful mountains behind the beach that protect it from wind and crowds. They make the beach very cozy and beautiful. There is a cafe so you can order some drinks and have a meal, and rent sunbeds with umbrellas. Leaving your car in Budva, you can simply enjoy the view and walk to that amazing beach.
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