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Ancient Тврђава Ратац under tender evening light
Ratac Fortress Ruins
April 8, 2021
Sveti Stefan beach 2 near Sveti Stefan park
Sveti Stefan Beach 2
April 15, 2021

Milocer (King's) Beach

Milocer (King's) Beach is a very beautiful beach, located in a unique Milocer park. Milocer villa is used to be a royal residence and now it's a hotel. Milocer or King's beach belongs to this hotel. That's why if you're not a resident of this hotel, it's will be very expensive for you to rest at that beach. It's one of the most expensive beaches in the region. Of course it has incredible advantages: located at the most unique place - remarkable Milocer Park, surrounded by the most amazing nature, cozy mountains, the beach has a wonderful view to Budvanska riviera and amazing Sveti stefan island.

Because of its specific location, to get to the beach, you will need to walk a bit from the parking since it's not very close to the beach. But that's why the beach is always clean and has an incredible smell. At the cold time of the year, you can walk and rest there for free. The territory of the beach from autumn to spring is open and everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the most amazing beach, views and nature. It is located not very far from Budva city and there are a lot of amazing touristic attractions in this region.

There is a small stony cave from the one side of the beach that leads to a tiny berth where small boats can park to get to the beach. There is a fantastic view to Sveti Stefan island from the berth. The beach has an incredible red pebble - from small to bigger stones. This is a truly king's place where anyone can feel as royalty.
  • Very beautiful Milocer beach at winter
  • Milocer beach near villa Milocer
  • Milocer beach under the sun at winter
  • Stony cave. Milocer beach
  • Red pebble. Stony Milocer beach
  • Milocer beach surrounded by trees
  • Cave at Milocer beach
  • End of Milocer beach at sunny day
  • Beautiful sea at Milocer beach
  • Milocer beach. The view to Milocer park and mountains
  • Amazing red pebble at Milocer beach
  • Red pebble Milocer beach
  • Milocer beach with the view at Sveti Stefan
  • Milocer beach at winter. View at villa Milocer
  • Milocer beach. Riviera and mountains view
  • Milocer beach surrounded by park Milocer
  • The territory of villa Milocer and its beach
  • Milocer beach. The view to villa Milocer mountains and nature around
  • Red pebble Milocer beach and Riviera view
  • Milocer beach and amazing view around
  • Perfect red pebble at kings beach
  • Beach and villa Milocer
  • Peaceful Milocer beach. Red pebble
  • Sea foam at kings beach
  • Perfection of kings beach
  • Perfect red pebble. Kings beach
  • Red stones. Milocer beach
  • Different size of red pebble at kings beach
  • Near kings beach
  • Amazing view at kings beach
  • Milocer park villa and beach
  • Beautiful sea at kings beach
  • Sveti Stefan view from kings beach
  • Riviera view from the corner of Milocer beach
  • Kings beach at cloudy day
  • Kings beach between rocks
  • Behind the cave. kings beach
  • In the cave best kings beach
  • Milocer beach from the trees
  • Milocer beach at cloudy winter day
  • Tunnel at Milocer beach
  • Sveti Stefan view from the rock. Milocer beach
  • Inside the cave the view to Milocer beach
  • Between rocks. Milocer beach
  • Red stony cave. Milocer beach
  • Sveti Stefan Milocer beach and sky
  • Small berth near Milocer beach
  • Milocer beach. Gorgeous cave
  • Moody sky above Sveti Stefan. Milocer beach
  • Lovely sky and Sveti Stefan. Milocer beach
  • From between stones at Sveti Stefan and Milocer beach
  • Winter Milocer beach
  • Amazing stony Milocer kings beach
  • Royal Milocer park villa and beach