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External view to Ulcinj Old town
Ulcinj Old Town
June 8, 2021
June 11, 2021


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Bar is a big coastal city of Montenegro, which is the capital of the Bar Municipality. The city is an important port destination for cargo ships and sea connection with Italy and other European countries. Bar has railway, which connects it with Serbia and gives an opportunity for Serbia to import goods to other countries via sea. Montenegro became a member of NATO on 5 June 2017 and the port in Bar is a navy port that makes it safe.

So, in general, the location of Bar is perfect - it has sea and railway connections with other countries so it brings all goods, food to the city and that's why Bar has the lowest prices on food among all coastal cities in Montenegro. Located inside the mountains, it makes the city so cozy and the time right after the sunset is just magical - you can enjoy color changes in the sky and in reflections in te mountains. Comparing to other cities, Bar has more parking, including many free ones. Since the country grows fast, the parking problem is pretty sensitive. That's why Bar has a big advantage in this key.

What makes the city so appealing for walking, especially for life with kids - is a big wide promenade. It's a heaven for kids - so much space near the sea, without cars, a lot of playgrounds, there are also many cafes where parents can have a fantastic dinner, enjoying the sunset and watching their kids playing next to them in one of the available playgrounds with other kids.

There is also a lovely forest with the sea view, which has special equipment for trainings, it's a popular place for running and doing different exercises. There are also a lot of stadiums for playing football or other games for kids, as well as for adults, also with the sea view. Comparing to other cities, Bar also has big supermarkets with prices, lower than in other cities. There is a bus and railway station where you can purchase tickets to other cities and to other countries as well. Speaking of other countries, there are only 50km to the border with Albania and you can go to Greece through Albania as well.

Bar, as well as other coastal cities, is a popular tourist destination especially for families with kids. There are a lot of great sights, which you can visit during your stay there. Bar also has a few long beaches with coniferous trees near the beach that make them a perfect place to find a great shadow to relax, breathe fresh air, and play with kids without the fear burnt by the sun. There are a few big hotels in the city and you can also find nice apartments for any budget and location.

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