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Boca Kotor Bay
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July 23, 2021
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Petrovac Castle
August 3, 2021

Paljuskovo Beach

Paljuskovo Beach is a small cozy beach in a little bay of Adriatic sea. The beach is located at the end of Barska riviera, closer to Ulcinj. There is a nice hotel on the first line and a few houses where you can rent an apartment.

If you come there by car, you can park it not far from it at a free parking area and walk a bit to the beach. The beach has a big pebble and a very clear transparent water.

As all beaches in Montenegro at high season, according to the law, half beach is covered with paid umbrellas and sunbeds and the other half - for free touristic usage. There are also two concrete platforms from which you can jump into the water. And the other one is covered with beach equipment and you can rent sunbeds to rest in a natural shadow of the trees.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful hills and stones. Lovely trees grow at the top of the hills creating natural shadow and beauty. Naturally located big stone divide the beach to two parts. One of them is a tiny little private beach. It looks really lovely. In general, it's not very popular beach so there are mostly guests from the hotel and close accommodations. That's why you can enjoy the sea and surrounded area far from crowded popular beaches.
  • Beautiful transparent stony Paljuskovo beach
  • Paljuskovo beach highlighted bay
  • Clear transparent water at Paljuskovo beach
  • Sunlight over the sea at Paljuskovo beach
  • Sea splashes on the stone at Paljuskovo beach
  • Paljuskovo beach stony side
  • Paljuskovo beach from behind a big stone
  • Paljuskovo beach under sunlight
  • From behind the stony road Paljuskovo beach
  • Paljuskovo beach landscape view
  • Paljuskovo beach and its road
  • Paljuskovo beach. Cozy Laguna
  • Stony trail to Paljuskovo beach 1627244027796
  • Beautiful bay of Paljuskovo beach 1627244027779
  • Paid zone of Paljuskovo beach 1627244028691
  • First line hotel at Paljuskovo beach 1627244028131
  • Sunbeds at Paljuskovo beach 1627244029294
  • Clear Laguna 1627244030063. Paljuskovo beach
  • Stones as potato at Paljuskovo beach 1627244031047
  • Incredible transparent Adriatic sea 1627244030542. Paljuskovo beach
  • Shining sea 1627244031580. Paljuskovo beach
  • Beige stones under the water at Paljuskovo beach 1627244032047
  • Stony transparent Paljuskovo beach 1627244033865
  • Shining sea water 1627244033465. Paljuskovo beach
  • Very clear water at Paljuskovo beach 1627244034506
  • Shining stones at Paljuskovo beach 1627244035192
  • Highlighted with the sun hill on Paljuskovo beach 1627244035851
  • Beautiful clear water 1627244036114. Paljuskovo beach
  • Sun over the sea and stone Paljuskovo beach 1627244036718
  • Stone sun and splashes at Paljuskovo beach 1627244037734
  • Little private beach at Paljuskovo beach 1627244037275
  • Cozy coast at Paljuskovo beach 1627244039044