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Paljuskovo beach. Cozy Laguna
Paljuskovo Beach
July 29, 2021
Lighthouse light at Lustica bay
Lightware Lustica Bay Light Show
September 5, 2021

Petrovac Castle

Petrovac Castle is an old Fortress, located at the end of Petrovac promenade. As in some other coastal cities, there is an old town next to the beach and at the end of the city's coastal promenade. There is beautiful promenade from the city center and along the beach, with numerous cafes, restaurants and shopping tents that ends with this tiny fortress. You can climb to the castle to take fantastic photos in front of tiny islets and breathtaking views to the city, riviera and Adriatic sea. You can see the whole city from the castle.

There is a Walking Trail Petrovac – Rezevici along the coast through the forest, that you can observe from the castle as well. the best view you can find at the top of the castle - the view to amazing hills and stones. Montenegrin flag is installed at the top of the castle. The castle has some old attributes that show that it was a fortress. It's of of the most beautiful and favorite local sights.
  • Living part of Petrovac castle
  • Petrovac Castle crowded beach view
  • Petrovac Castle with flag and beach view
  • Turquoise sea among the rocks Petrovac Castle
  • Montenegrin flag at Petrovac Castle
  • petrovac and its mountains from Petrovac Castle
  • Elements of Petrovac Castle
  • Petrovac Castle hill
  • Rocks side of Petrovac Castle
  • Petrovac Castle sea and rocks
  • Rocks on the sea Petrovac Castle
  • Rocks and island on the sea Petrovac Castle
  • View to the hills from Petrovac castle
  • Entrance to Petrovac castle
  • Amazing hill stones and sea from Petrovac Castle
  • View to Petrovac beach from Petrovac Castle
  • View to the island from Petrovac castle
  • Notes about Petrovac Castle
  • Grotto from Petrovac Castle
  • Exploring Petrovac Castle
  • Island with the church in front of Petrovac Castle
  • View to beautiful Petrovac from Petrovac castle
  • Budvanska Riviera from Pertovac Castle
  • Petrovac coastline from Petrovac Castle
  • Old reminders at Petrovac Castle