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Elements of Petrovac Castle
Petrovac Castle
August 3, 2021
Turquoise sea and paid side of Queens beach
Queen’s Beach (Kraljichina Plaza)
September 14, 2021

Lightware Lustica Bay Light Show

Lightware Lustica Bay Light Show is an exceptional musical light show in the luxurious village Lustica Bay. The show is devoted to the summer season and took place three times a week for almost a month, starting from August 7. The show was an installation between nlighthouses in Lustica bay and included coloured lights play with music. The lights were playing on the mountain in front of the main lighthouse at the Lustica Bay living area.

The show took place at night time and was visible from top viewpoints as well as you could watch it from the city or even the road to thee lighhouse. Since it's a mountain area, any location was good for enjoying the show. There are a lot of parking places in the city as well as above the city with good equipped viewpoints. It was a really great entertainment for tourists and unique attraction.
  • Beautiful magic of the light show at Lustica bay
  • Lighthouse light at Lustica bay
  • Music night light show at Lustica bay
  • Blue lights from the light show at Lustica
  • Lighthouse and restaurant at Lustica bay
  • Lightware light show over Lustica bay
  • Bench on promenade to the lighthouse
  • Lights of the light show at Lustica bay
  • Highlighted lighthouse promenade at Lustica bay
  • Amazing light on the way to the lighthouse
  • Lightware light show. lustica bay
  • Lighthouse light show at Lustica 1630676326691
  • Night Lustica bay 1630676327982
  • Lighthouse promenade at night at Lustica bay 1630676327296
  • Lustica bay highlighted with the light from the lighthouse 1630676329117
  • Lustica bay and sea view at night 1630676328520
  • Light from the lighthouse at Lustica bay 1630676329746
  • Lustica bay road to the lighthouse 1630676330281
  • Lighthouse road sitting the light show 1630676330952
  • Port at Lustica bay at night 1630676331629
  • Marina at Lustica bay at night 1630676332010
  • The road to the light house at Lustica bay 1630676333799
  • Beautiful lightware Lustica bay light show 1630676334309
  • Beautiful light of lightware light show from the top 1630676334896
  • Not very highlighted Lustica bay 1630676336102
  • Lights of light show at Lustica bay 1630676335450
  • Marina of Lustica bay at night 1630676337176
  • Bright lights of the lighthouse at Lustica bay 1630676336669
  • Light show from the top 1630676337844
  • Lightware from the top 1630676338744