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Long and wide Buljarica Beach
Buljarica Beach
June 2, 2021
June 11, 2021

Ulcinj Old Town

Ulcinj Old Town is a lovely ancient part of Ulcinj city, located on the little peninsula. The city is surrounded by the stony wall on the hill. There is a beautiful fortress there, ancient church and few other buildings. Restaurant offers picky tourists amazing dishes with incredible views. There is also a little beach on the rocks with beach bar so you can enjoy some privacy and fantastic swimming in a beautiful sea.
  • beautiful stony wall of Ulcinj fortress
  • beautiful stony streets of cozy Ulcinj Old town
  • beautiful Ulcinj Old Town hill
  • Beautiful tree and restaurant Ulcinj old town
  • behind the rock from ulcinj Old town
  • Big area and a tree Ulcinj Old Town
  • Building with flags Ulcinj Old Town
  • Cozy territory in Ulcinj old town
  • Cozy lovely area of Ulcinj Old Town
  • Unusual door Ulcinj Old town
  • Ulcinj old town wall and coastline
  • Ulcinj Old Town outer view
  • To the sea Old Town Ulcinj
  • The view to majestic sea from Ulcinj Old Town
  • The view from the top of Ulcinj Old Town
  • The view from the stairs to Ulcinj old town
  • The lighthouse at Ulcinj Old Town
  • Sunset Beach Ulcinj Old Town
  • Stony walls of Ulcinj Fortress
  • Stairs to Ulcinj old town
  • Sea frorm the walls of Ulcinj Old Town
  • Restaurant in Ulcinj old town
  • Other side of Ulcinj riviera from Ulcinj Old Town
  • Narrow streets and restaurant Ulcinj Old Town
  • Going up to Ulcinj old town
  • from the sea beach view Ulcinj old Town
  • External view to Ulcinj Old town
  • Entrance to Ulcinj old town from the coast
  • Eexploring Ulcinj old town
  • Wide stony streets in Ulcinj old Town
  • Views from Ulcinj Old Town to the city
  • View to the hills rocks and cafe Ulcinj Old Town
  • Walking and exploring Ulcinj Old Town from inside
  • Wall and green trees on the way to Ulcinj old town
  • Walking in stony walls of Ulcinj old town
  • Watching parking beach and city from Ulcinj Old Town
  • Walls up to the sky Ulcinj Old Town
  • Beautiful cozy area of Ulcinj Old Town