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Nice view at summer sea. Walking Trail Petrovac Rezevici
Walking Trail Petrovac – Rezevici
May 27, 2021
External view to Ulcinj Old town
Ulcinj Old Town
June 8, 2021

Buljarica Beach

Buljarica Beach is a unique wide and pretty long beach in Budva municipality. It is located in a small village close to Bar municipality. It is unique because it has a huge space behind the beach with only big field and hiking trail along the beach. You can come there by any vehicle and find a parking space on the beach. This area behind the beach is considered as swampy that's why it is not inhabited.The village and living houses are located from the both sides of the beach.

At high season you will find restaurants and beach bars for your services. It's a good place for camping and nice walks. The area is surrounded by very beautiful mountains so you can enjoy fantastic views and lovely hiking. The field has beautiful flowers that's why you might take really amazing photos at summer time. Since it's a big long area, there are often waves on the sea. The beach has stones, pebbles combined with sand. It's a lovely place to be in a big beach so everyone can find a free space to enjoy vacation.
  • Field flowers mountains and road near Buljarica Beach
  • Green yellow field behind Buljarica Beach
  • Gorgeous mountains and booking trail. Buljarica Beach
  • View from hiking trail to the mountains and field behind Buljarica Beach
  • Hiking trail behind Buljarica Beach
  • Cloudy sky over Buljarica Beach
  • Blossoming field behind Buljarica Beach
  • Mountains behind Buljarica Beach
  • Big field. Buljarica Beach
  • Waves on Buljarica Beach at cloudy day
  • Gorgeous field and mountains behind Buljarica Beach
  • Long and wide Buljarica Beach
  • Empty Buljarica Beach at moody day
  • Buljarica Beach and the boat