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Ancient ruins in Cetinje
November 3, 2020
Plav sign
November 14, 2020

Old Olive Tree

Old Olive Tree is an interesting attraction in Bar city of Montenegro. It is the oldest olive tree in Europe and according to some sources - the oldest olive tree in the world. The age of the tree is more than 2200 years. This gorgeous tree is still gives a lot of olives that are used to produce a very high quality olive oil. Olive oil is a very healthy and tasty product that is used in many cuisines including the local one.

Old Olive Tree is very wide in diameter but part of it was destroyed by fire years ago. Now it is protected by law. This tree is surrounded by other pretty old (but much younger) olive trees that were grown from this tree's olives. The area around the tree is a small park, where you can walk, sit on the bench next to the tree, listening to the wind playing on tree's branches and sun lighting its leaves making them look gold.

The entrance is paid but is cheap so everyone can come in and take a walk near this local ancient beauty. There is a pretty big parking area next to this attraction so you can come by car and leave it there. The parking is free. The area with the tree itself is pretty small but cozy. Surrounded by mountains, it makes the view incredible.
  • Old Olive Tree surrounded by other olives
  • Big parking near Old Olive Tree
  • Area around Old Olive Tree
  • Other olives near Old Olive Tree
  • Dead parts of Old Olive Tree
  • Gorgeous Old Olive Tree
  • Old Olive Tree in Bar
  • Beautiful Old Olive Tree
  • Some branches of Old Olive Tree are dead
  • Entrance to Old Olive Tree
  • Huge winding branches of Old Olive Tree
  • Old Olive Tree
  • Other olive trees near Old Olive Tree