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Old Olive Tree
Old Olive Tree
November 4, 2020
Black lake
National Park Durmitor
November 24, 2020


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Plav is a small touristic lake city. It is famous by its lake Plav and used to be a popular touristic attraction. The city itself isn't big, located at northeastern part of the country, close to the border with Albania. It's a perfect place for eco-tourism. People used to come there for lake activities and its beauty.

A lot of houses have lake view which is very appealing for tourists. There are a big muslim commune with a beautiful mosque close to the center of the cities and interesting houses. The main street is pretty wide, with numerous supermarkets, shops and cafes, school and main square. It's a lovely and peaceful place surrounded by mainland nature and mountains.
  • Regular Street in Plav
  • Very old Street in Plav
  • Very old Street back side Plav
  • Interesting house in Plav
  • Interesting tube in Plav house
  • Near the center of Plav
  • Streets and mountains Plav
  • Mosque in Plav
  • Wife main Street in Plav
  • Post office in Plav
  • Voli area in Plav
  • Idea in Plav
  • Sunny day in Plav
  • Walking to the supermarkets in Plav
  • Area near Plav school
  • Plav sign
  • Square in Plav and Timm apartments
  • School in Plav at day
  • Plav school area
  • I live Plav at day
  • Square in Plav at day
  • Walking in Plav at night
  • Plav blue at night
  • Plav red at night
  • Plav green at night