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susanj beach1
Šušanjska Plaža
July 12, 2020
Long beach
Long Beach (Velika Plaža)
July 13, 2020

Bar's City Beach

Bar's city beach is a very good stony beach in Montenegro. It is a long beach, in most places, it's pretty wide. It starts after the port (in the center of the city) and lasts till Šušanjska Plaža which near the entrance to the city. It's a bit dirty near the port and pretty clean where it's far from the port.

There are few bars on the beach which offer paid sunbeds and umbrellas, drinks and food. You can also sit inside the cafe watching the sea. There are playgrounds on the beach for kids so you know how to entertain your little ones. There is a beautiful promenade next to the beach, one of the most beautiful in Montenegro - wide and long. You can walk there, there is a lot of space so kids could drive little cars, roller skates or bikes, play different games. The whole promenade has beautiful palms and flowers on the borders.

There are a few free parking places near the beach so it's comfortable to come by car to the beach. The beach is long and wide so it can accommodate a lot of tourists and there are some places which have trees which means shadow. And this makes it more valuable because who doesn't want to rest in a shadow next to the beach in a hot summer day?

Despite it's a stony beach, there are no sea ​​urchins so the beach is very safe including for kids. In the high season, there are paid sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as free space if you prefer to rest using your beach mat. You can also rent a beach mat, boat or a wave runner. There are few touristic infoboxes on the beach where you can choose any excursion you want.
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