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Lovely landscape of Old Bar town
Old Bar
March 5, 2021
Clear water at Utjeha small beach
Utjeha Small Beach
March 23, 2021

Utjeha Nude Beach

Utjeha Nude Beach is a very small beach, located not very far from the main Utjeha beach. If you walk along the promenade, you can reach this beach if you follow a hidden trail between the plants, it's hidden in red rocks. The beach is really tiny and stony but the water is very clear and clean there and the view is amazing. There is a really small islet in from of the beach and the beach itself is surrounded by big rocks so it's perfect for nudists.

White stones on the beach look really gorgeous. Under warm summer or autumn sun stones look bright and shining. It's really incredible when you can see all the beauty of stones under so transparent water.
  • Incredible transparent water at Utjeha nude beach
  • Perfectly clear water at Utjeha nude beach
  • Amazing view at the island at Utjeha nude beach
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  • Unusual perspective. Utjeha nude beach
  • Amazing stones at sunny day at Utjeha nude beach
  • Transparent water between stones. Utjeha nude beach
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  • The shape of heart on the sunny stones at Utjeha nude beach
  • Sunny stones and the view at Utjeha nude beach
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  • Utjeha nude beach at autumn
  • Transparent bright water. Utjeha nude beach
  • Utjeha nude beach with waves
  • Stony Utjeha nude beach at cloudy day
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