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Becici beach evening
Bečići Beach
June 20, 2020
Jaz Beach on the sunset
Jaz Beach
June 20, 2020

Red Beach

Red Beach is a lovely small stony beach, located between Bar and Sutomore cities. It calls "red" because of the color of stones and gravel. People say that in the summer heat when it heats up, it has a healing effect. It is recommended to lay on that sand as it's useful for skin and for health in general. You can park your car next to the road (free parking) and go down to the sea. You will be swimming among the stones in the sea so the view is fantastic. But if there are big waves in the sea, I wouldn't recommend swimming there as it's not safe. But in the high season there could be too many people. In general, it's a beautiful small beach.
  • View to the Red Beach from the top
  • red beach in the sea
  • red beach cliffs
  • red beach waves
  • red beach stones