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National Park Skadar Lake

National Park Skadar Lake is one of the most authentic sights in the country. It's a big and beautiful national park that is mostly located in Montenegro but also in Albania. There is a very picturesque mountain road along the lake that goes through Bar, Ulcinj cities. The road doesn't have a heavy traffic and pretty narrow and winding but each spot makes you want to stop and capture amazing green mountains, beautiful hills and valleys filled with flowers at summer time.

The main entrance to the park is in a little village Virpazar between Bar and Podgorica cities. You can find numerous tours in the village to the lake. You can rent a private boat or get a group one. If you walk to explore its beauty by yourself, you can rent a kayak or go on paddle board.

I personally rented a kayak and went to an adventure with my partner. We were able to explore many marvelous places, to sail among tiny islets through lovely water lilies, to get into one of the island and even have a lunch there (that we brought with us). Montenegrin part of Skadar lake is more picturesque as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and create natural authentic beauty. Kayak adventure is a really incredible way to explore the lake, its flora and fauna. But it's also a pretty sporty experience. For not prepared tourists it could be pretty challenging as it requires a lot of physical work and it's better to get a sun protection as you can easily get burned under the sun.

Skadar Lake is famous by its unique birds, animals and fishes that are protected and some of them are very rare. If you're lucky, you can watch some beautiful species and even take unique photos. Boat trips are faster and you can be more protected from the sun. There are also trips from the continental part of the country, from the Rijeka Crnojevica which is a river that flows into the lake. Each little village is a new way to get familiar with real, not very touristy part of the country, its authenticity and this side of Montenegro will make you fall in love with nature, people and the country of itself.

If you drive by car along the lake, you will find a lot of viewpoints with modern benches so you could take a stop and enjoy views, peace and nature. You can also swim in the lake, the water isn't salty. There is also an opportunity to buy a fishing license per day and enjoy fishing if you love it. Or you can buy fresh fish from fishermen near the lake. Restaurants near Skadar lake offer fresh dishes with fish and dnational cuisine with very appealing prices. The lake a few ancient monuments, ruins and other attractions for tourists. This incredible nature is worth exploring.
  • Big hill. Skadar lake
  • Big green hill on Skadar lake
  • Skadar lake from behind the stone
  • From behind the stone. Skadar lake
  • Blue lake and the road. Skadar lake
  • Big stone on the road at Skadar lake
  • Exceptional landscape view at Skadar lake
  • Virpazar at Skadar lake
  • National park Skadar lake Virpazar
  • Bridge in Virpazar at Skadar lake
  • Boats in Virpazar at Skadar lake
  • Mountain hills. Skadar lake
  • Majestic view at Skadar lake
  • Green lake and mountains. Skadar lake
  • The road next to Skadar lake
  • Green Skadar lake and the hill
  • Green mountains with flowers at Skadar lake
  • Green and fluffy Skadar lake
  • Winding mountain road along Skadar lake
  • wow view. skadar lake
  • Beautiful mountains around Skadar lake
  • Turquoise water in Skadar lake
  • Breathtaking Skadar lake view
  • Magical mountains at Skadar lake at sunny day
  • Magical Skadar lake area
  • Huge territory Skadar lake national park
  • Beautiful mountains around Skadar lake 1
  • Mountain peaks. Skadar lake
  • Green landscapes. Skadar lake
  • Islets at Skadar lake
  • Skadar lake and green forest.
  • Grass and mountains. Skadar lake
  • Gorgeous Skadar lake view beauty
  • Mountain adventure around Skadar lake
  • Stones in front of Skadar lake
  • Hills at Skadar lake
  • Majestic Skadar view
  • Lovely road near Skadar lake
  • Green lilies at Skadar lake
  • Green beauty. Skadar lake
  • Fall in love with mountains at Skadar lake
  • Summer view at Skadar lake
  • Info on the road on the Skadar lake
  • Mountain road along the Skadar lake