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June 11, 2021
Sunbeds and umbrellas on Almara Beach Club
Almara Beach Club
June 15, 2021


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Tivat is a modern beautiful coastal town of Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor. The city is fast-growing, became a luxury resort. The location is perfect - it's located 3 km from the airport, 40km from the border with Croatia which is in Schengen zone and 85km from the capital - Podgorica. It is only 10km from the beautiful old town of Kotor which calls huge cruise ships from all over the world. Tivat also has a port, which is well known as "Port of Montenegro". It is one of the biggest and most beautiful ports on the coastline which call big expensive yachts. There are a lot of beautiful, modern and luxury hotels, restaurants, fitness and business centers. But you can also find there a lot of cozy small cafes, bakeries with tasty and cheap fresh bakery products and tasty coffee. Being one of popular cities, there are also supermarkets, markets and business centers. Located on the sea, it has a lovely promenade, where you can walk with kids, or have coffee in the cafe or have a tasty and proper dinner enjoying the sunset.

Temperature of the sea in Tivat

Sea water temperature

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