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Waikiki beach
Waikiki Beach
September 15, 2020
Our Lady of the Rocks
September 16, 2020

Blue Cave

Blue Cave is one of the most popular and beautiful attractions in Montenegro. The sun's rays refracted through water, make the water of the sea so blue inside. It is located on the Lustica Peninsula in one of the cliffs. You can get there by boat, paddleboard, or water quad. You can rent water transport on any beach on the Lustica peninsula or Boka-Kotor bay. It will be a really amazing sea trip - you have an opportunity to enjoy wonderful views, mountains, cozy bays, hidden beaches, tiny islets on the way to the blue cave.

The entrance to the cave is pretty low that's why big ships will not be able to get into the cave. That's why some tours that offer long sea trips, can split the group into few to get into the blue cave by a few smaller boats. You can not only enjoy the beauty of the cave, but also swim inside the cave, exploring its cliffs and reflections in the water.
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