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Veliki Pijesak Beach
Veliki Pijesak Beach
January 16, 2021
Amazing park Sveti Stefan and its beach
Park Sveti Stefan
January 31, 2021


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Canj is a beautiful unique touristic town. It's almost empty at a low season and it's a popular touristic resort at summer. Its famous pearl beach is one of the most beautiful and famous resorts on the coast among the tourists. It has a pretty wide beach with a pure water. It is located in a small bay that's why the water is mostly calm and very clear there.

There are some cafes and restaurants work along the beach and on the beach so every tourist will enjoy its rest and tasty Montenegrin cuisine. It's an autobus station not far from the beach. as most resorts, it has a few playgrounds for kids. There are not many shops there but it's located in about 15 km from Bar city where you can find all the needed infrastructure. But if you are looking for lazy pleasant beach rest - you will find there everything without the need to go somewhere.

There are a few types of entertainment - beach, sea games and trips, including active ones. You can find tourist info right on the beach as well as in the town. At the high season - there are also excursions to the center of the country to the most famous and favorite sights. It you're traveling by car, most apartments and hotels have own parking. But if you arrived there by car just for a day or to spend theere some time - there is a small free parking that can be all occupied at a high season.

Canj offers hotels with amazing sea and mountain views, pools and playgrounds for kids. Hotels are really amaing in the town. And the nature will not leave without a true bliss. You can also rent apartments, villas or private room. Any tourist can find what he is looking for. If you're not traveling by car, you can take a taxi to be able to reach another city or attraction. Or take an excursion that will drive you by bus to the destination.

Temperature of the sea in Canj

Sea water temperature

  • The entrance to Canj
  • Walking along Canj streets
  • The main attraction of Canj
  • Center of Canj
  • Canj in the mountains
  • Canj sign
  • Coastline station main road in Canj
  • The central road in Canj
  • Beach restaurant in Canj
  • Beautiful green Canj
  • Walking along the coast in Canj
  • Beaches in Canj
  • Beautiful pearl coast at sunny day in Canj
  • Amazing view from the sea to Canj
  • Coast on Canj
  • Pearl coast and Canj from the sea
  • Canj coast at sunny day
  • Exploring the coastline of Canj
  • Low season autumn Canj
  • Sea. Canj. Autumn waves
  • Adriatic sea in Canj Moody autumn
  • Peach beach in Canj at autumn
  • The view from the beach to coastal hotel building. Canj
  • The main building of the hotel with sea view rooms. Canj
  • Coastal hotel in Canj mountains view
  • Hotel and its territory in the beach. Canj
  • New beautiful hotel in Canj first line
  • Canj promenade first sea line hotel
  • Sculpture in the hotel space. Canj
  • Beautiful design of a new hotel. Canj
  • Lovely new hotel rooms. Canj
  • Canj. Hotel with sea view first line
  • Canj. Hotel with sculptures
  • Coastline near the hotel. Canj
  • Beautiful new built hotel on the first sea line in Canj
  • Canj. City promenade
  • Hotel rooms with sea view. Canj
  • Green hotel garden at autumn in Canj
  • New hotel building and the garden. Canj
  • Playground for kids with sea view. Canj
  • Playground on the hotel territory. Canj
  • Sea promenade in Canj
  • Amazing garden in the hotel with mountains view in Canj
  • Mountains view in Canj
  • Canj. First sea line hotel. Amazing view
  • Pool and water slide in the hotel. Canj
  • Pool hotel space mountains view. Canj
  • Pool and sea view in the hotel.Canj
  • Pool view. First line hotel. Canj
  • Hotel pool mountain view. Canj
  • The building of the first line hotel in Canj
  • Buildings on the first sea line. Canj
  • Canj first line hotels territory
  • Sea and promenade in Canj
  • Promenade alone the first line hotels. Canj
  • Along the sea promenade in Canj
  • River in Canj
  • Playground in Canj
  • Green view and mountains in Canj
  • The road along the sea. Canj
  • Parking zone for tourists in Canj
  • Parking of Pearl Beach hotel Canj
  • Big parking near the hotel in Canj
  • Pearl beach hotel in Canj. Main building
  • Main hotel zone. Canj
  • Canj. Street in tourist place
  • Inner space of hotels in Canj
  • Walking in Canj
  • Canj street view around hotels 1
  • Green street in Canj 1
  • In the hotel zone Canj 1
  • Mountains view in the hotel zone in Canj 1
  • Cozy syreet view Canj 1