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December 19, 2020
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January 30, 2021

Veliki Pijesak Beach

Veliki Pijesak Beach is an amazing beach in the town Dobra Voda, about 10 km from Bar city. It is located in a little bay so the water is mostly calm there and very clear and clean. The colour of the sea is just perfect - turquoise. There is a pretty narrow promenade along the sea where you can walk and enjoy an incredible sea and mountain view.

There are a lot of beautiful modern hotels on the first line with a fantastic sea views where you can sit on the balcony enjoying the sunset right in your hotel room. There are also hotels, apartments, villas and other types of property that you can rent in the city. It's not very big city ad more popular in a touristic season.

The city has all the needed infrastructure for your comfortable staying and rest. There are shops, cafes, restaurants etc. You can also rent quad bikes, boats and many excursions right on the promenade at summer.

Located next to Bar city has a lot of advantages for shopping and more options for touristic purposes. If you take a sea trip, you will be able to observe a fantastic costline with its islets, amazing mountains and hidden beaches. If you travel by car or if you rent car in the country, you will be able to drive along the beach by car and find less popular for tourists beaches with the same amazing water and incredible views.

The beach is mixed - it has a sand as well as stones and fits for all types of tourists. As other beaches, you will love to visit it with kids - there are some parks and playgrounds for kids. You can swim there without shoes and it's safe even for kids. There is a prertty big parking next to the beach. It's paid at high season and free at the rest time.

Dreaming to watch the sunset on the sea? That's the perfect place for you! You might catch not only the sunset on the sea, but also a breathtaking colours right after the sunset. Surrounded by mountains, the city and beach itself feels like a painting of a very skilled artist.
  • Clear sea in Veliki Pijesak Beach
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach the view to Dobra Voda and Jadran highway
  • Sea view from Veliki Pijesak Beach
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach stony piers
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach the stony side
  • Walking along Veliki Pijesak Beach
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach narrow promenade
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach amazingly clear water
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach
  • Perfect sea on Veliki Pijesak Beach
  • Veliki Pijesak Beach with first line hotels
  • A tiny island in front of Veliki Pijesak Beach