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December 13, 2020
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Veliki Pijesak Beach
January 16, 2021


Perast is a very beautiful coastal Old Town in the bay of Kotor. It has a special atmosphere, connected with its history. Located close to Kotor, it makes the city a very appealing must-see attraction.

There is a long winding and narrow main street along the sea, where you can walk and enjoy fantastic sea and mountain views. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants, benches, where you can stop by, rest and try national cuisine, tasty drinks or just have coffee.

Old stony buildings remain medieval architecture. There are a lot of legends about the city and its surrounding area. There are two beautiful islands in front of Perast, you can rent a boat and get to one of those islands by boat. Those islands are interesting attractions and you should visit them to feel the spirit of the history.

There is a big parking near the city so you can come by car and leave it there to enjoy your adventure. The city is so beautiful so it is one of the favorite wedding photoshoot destinations. You can observe the other side of the bay, watch the sea and city slow life. There is a local small beach so you can also swim there with a fantastic view.

It's a pretty small town and mostly touristic but it has all the needed infrastructure. It is located pretty close to Tivat airport and Kotor city.
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