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Sailing from Queens beach to Pearl coast by boat taxi
Summer on the Adriatic Coast
July 4, 2022
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The first highway in Montenegro will be open at July 13
July 12, 2022

Best Luxury Beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro is a real gem with incredible beaches. Would you like to find out which ones are the best? Keep reading!

Sveti Stefan 2 Beach

Luxury Sveti Stefan beach 2Sveti Stefan beach 2 from the stairs
Sveti Stefan 2 beach is one one the most incredible beaches in the world - with always transparent turquoise water, amazing views and surrounded by breathtaking nature. This season this luxury beach is totally free so there are no bars and you can't rent beach equipment there. The beach is sandy, with unique red small pebble that makes the beach look so amazing and beautiful. You can swim without swimming shoes there. There are not so many people at the beach which is the biggest advantage at a high season.

This beach is located at the right side of Sveti Stefan island. It is used to be the beach for the guests of Sveti Stefan island where a lot of celebrities loved to rest. It has the most breathtaking view to Sveti Stefan island, park Sveti Stefan behind it and the road to park Milocer at the right. You can also watch an amazing Budvanska riviera, its landscape, mountains and islets. the beach is located in a unique area, with pure beautiful nature.

There is a paid parking not far from the beach, 2 euro per hour where you can park your car and stay there. There is another free parking above Milocer park, you can walk from there. Or you can walk from Budva city through Milocer park for about 10 km or from Petrovac city from the other side - the same distance. Two most incredible parks allow to have an amazing walk in a natural shadow of tree at a hot summer day and visit other important sights.

Milocer Beach

Milocer beach and amazing view around
Milocer beach. The view to Milocer park and mountains
Milocer Beach is located in the unique Milocer park, surrounded by incredible nature. There is a big luxurious villa Milocer that used to be a hotel and its beach was mostly for its guests. Other tourists were able to rest at Milocer Beach for more than 100 euro. In the past, Villa Milocer was a royal residence. Now the beach is free for everyone who comes there.

The area around this beach is incredibly beautiful - its well-groomed garden, mountains and park. The beach is pretty long and wide. If you go there by car, there is a paid parking near Sveti Stefan Beach or you can park your car in Milocer park few levels above the beach. You can particularly observe Sveti Stefan island from the beach, Milocer park and part of Budvanska Riviera. There is a small tunnel at the right side of the beach with a little marina for small boats.

It is truly one of the most incredible beaches in the world and because there are no bars, you can't rent beach equipment so there are not so many people which is extra advantage if you want to run from crowds at high season.

Queen's Beach

The most beautiful picturesque Queens beachTurquoise sea at Queens beach
Queen's Beach is an incredibly beautiful not very big beach, that is located in the middle of Milocer park, further from the other villages and beaches. you can reach there from Milocer beach and its parking above, walking through the park or from Przno village and its parking through the forest. It was used to be a hidden private beach for guests of luxury hotel located next to the beach. And other tourists could pay more than 100 euro to get into it. Now it's totally free. There are no bars there so you can't rent sunbeds with umbrellas. Surrounded by pure unique nature, you can smell perfect coniferous air. It is hidden from the other beaches and villages by natural hills and stones so you can fully feel the privacy.

The beach has middle size pebbleof beautiful color. Swimming in the sea, you can observe amazing mountains and beautiful garden, hotel's building and park. The water is always turquoise, clear and amazing. Naturally created bay allows to enjoy more quiet sea and transparent water. You can really feel that it's a royal beach. There are not too many people at the beach at any season and between high seasons you can find it even empty.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Sveti Stefan beach at low seasonStony Sveti Stefan view. Sveti Stefan beach
Sveti Stefan beach is a long beautiful beach next to famous Sveti Stefan island. It is a public beach with incredible views to the island and surrounded riviera. There is a nice bar where you can have some good dishes as well as rent sunbeds and umbrellas. So the beach is fully equipped with anything needed. But there is also area for those who don't want to rent beach equipment and prefers to use own towels.

There is a paid parking next to the beach for your convenience. The beach has some sand as well as red lovely rocks. The water is beautiful, transparent, turquoise. From the beach you can walk to other luxury beaches as well as some sights. The location is perfect as it's not far from Budva city and Petrovac.

Crvena Glavica Beach

Crvena Glavica Beach still sunny sideCrvena Glavica Beach highlighted and parking view
Crvena Glavica Beach is one of the most beautiful private hidden beaches in Montenegro. It is located not far from other luxury beaches Sveti Stefan, Milocer Beach, and Budva city. It's pretty hard to reach the beach as there is a narrow mountain rocky road through the forest that's why the beach is intimate and cozy, with perfect clear transparent turquoise water. There is a big red rock in the middle of the beach that gives the name to the beach and makes it look unique and cozy.

There is a modern beautiful beach bar that offers tasty food and drinks. The building of the bar has very modern design as well as the stuff takes a very good care of the beach, decorating it with flowers and plants, making it look homie and so appealing. You can rent beach equipment at the beach and the price is one of the highest at the region. But there is all the needed facilities and you can find there everything you need for a comfortable staying. The beach has own big comfortable parking above the beach. While driving to the beach, you can observe the whole riviera and its beautiful nature.

Portonovi Beach

Perfect sea colour at Portonovi BeachPortonovi Beach club and tender white sand
Portonovi Beach is a fantastic luxury beach at a new-built luxury village Portonovi. It has a perfect tender white sand and you can observe the whole bay and the peace around it from the beach. Swimming at the sea is so beautiful as the water is always transparent and turquoise. The beach bar is a part of Portonovi Beach Club and it has luxury services and prices. You can rent beach equipment there.