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June 11, 2020
Rijeka Crnojevića
Rijeka Crnojevića
June 11, 2020


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Kotor is an old and beautiful coastal city of Montenegro. It is located on the Bay of Kotor. It is popular by its old town, winding roads in the mountains which lead to the old castle. You can see the whole Boka-Kotor Gulf from the top of the mountain, as well as the port and the promenade. Kotor is included in UNESCO's World Heritage and it's well-known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Currently, there are a lot of tourists in the city, especially the ones that come by huge international cruise ships. Tourists love Kotor because of its medieval beauty and breathtaking views from the top. There are a lot of boats which you can rent and enjoy the sea ride with swimming in the most beautiful place which is called Adriatic fjord.

There is also a shopping center which offers nice shopping proposals, paid parking zones for travelers by car and buses. There is a lovely park near the sea where you can enjoy beautiful views to the Gulf of Kotor and boats and cruise ships. There is also a big playground for kids so you will love to spend your time with your little ones as well in the shadow of big trees.

Temperature of the sea in Kotor

Sea water temperature

  • Winter Kotor decorated park
  • Decorated gift Kotor
  • In the decorated park Kotor
  • Winter festive declarations in Kotor
  • Beautiful decorations in the park in Kotor
  • Kotor decorated night park
  • The Snowman in Kotor
  • Winter decorated park lights in Kotor
  • Lights in gift Kotor
  • Winter lights in Kotor park
  • Kotor lights bear
  • Decorated park from the road in Kotor
  • Night Kotor Fortress
  • Kotor Old Castle at night
  • Night lights on Kotor Fortress
  • Old Town Kotor at night lights
  • Night lights Old Town Kotor
  • Night lights mountains view near Old Town Kotor
  • Amazing night view on Old Town Kotor
  • Night street with lights in Kotor
  • Night harbor in Kotor
  • Boats and mountains at night. Kotor
  • The view to mountains and Kotor castle at night
  • Kotor wall at night
  • Night view on Kotor Old town
  • Main Street in Kotor along the sea and Old Town
  • Main Kotor Street Old Town
  • The way to The old town Kotor at night
  • The entrance to the Old Town Kotor at night
  • The main entrance to Kotor Old Town
  • The main Christmas tree in Old Town Kotor
  • In the Old Town Kotor at night
  • Kotor near the old castle
  • Old castle Kotor
  • Kotor Boka Kotor Bay
  • Kotor from the top
  • Kotor promenaded
  • Sea in old town Kotor
  • Marina in Kotor
  • Promenade in Kotor
  • Kotors sea
  • Kotor with cruise ship
  • Cruise ship in Kotor
  • Central square in Kotor
  • Old town of Kotor
  • old part of Kotor
  • Mountains in Kotor
  • Kotor yachts