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June 11, 2020


Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro and its biggest city. It has a perfect location because the main country airport is about 10km from the city. And it's comfortable to live in the capital because you can reach the beach within 1 hour by a highway. So there are a lot of people who live and work in the capital as there are more working opportunities and go to the beach on weekends or vacations. There are also few options you can go to other cities from Podgorica, including beaches. There are buses, trains, a taxi and of course you can go by car.

Podgorica is a modern big capital. When I say big, I mean compared to other cities in Montenegro. It's much smaller than other capitals but still, it's a very nice one. It has all the needed infrastructure - supermarkets, malls, a huge shopping center in the city, parking, parks, banks, hospitals and everything you need. There are modern good looking buildings, which make the whole look special.

There are a lot of parks and playgrounds where you can spend time with your kids. there is also a clean river in the city and a cold mountain water where you can fresh up in summer's heat. It is pretty hot in summer that's why people prefer to swim in the river or go to lovely beaches. You can also find a spa or other salons to rest and take care of your skin, body.

The city is located in the middle of the country that's why it's easy to go to any city and will not take much time. So you go on a one-day trip and visit most of the country in a pretty short period of time. It's very comfortable to travel by car as you have flexibility and can manage your time and visit all the places you want. But you can also choose to travel by train when you will be able to see amazing maintains landscapes or by bus. If you will travel with a professional guide, you can learn a lot about the country, sights, history, and find out all you need to know.
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