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Crvena Glavica Beach top view
Crvena Glavica Beach
June 25, 2022
Blue flag 2022
38 Beaches in Montenegro were Awarded with Blue Flag
July 3, 2022


Light Land is a family light park in the forest in Montenegro. It's a unique park located in the country and none of the close neighboring countries don't have anything similar, at least this is how the owners present the park.

The main advantage of the park is that is it located pretty close (within 30-35km) from 4 most important cities of Montenegro - Budva, Podgorica, Bar, Cetinje. The park itself is located about 700 meters above the sea level in the forest. So the road further from the main road is a rural country road so it's not a very good one and you need to drive carefully. It gets harder after the sunset at the dark. There are some signs pointing you to the exact location but you still need to be very attentive to follow all the signs.

The park works from 4pm to midnight. There is a bar where you can buy some drinks and food as well as the ticket to observe the park and its lights. Of course if you have arrived before it got dark, the lights don't work. But it's a good time to walk along the hiking trail which is about 1km long, get familiarized with the landscapes, its area, nature and some areas for rest and to play for kids. There are some swings and benches for comfortable rest in the park. But in the rest the park has the same beautiful nature as nature all around.

But of course, the main feature of the park is the lightshow that you can watch after the sunset with the dark. When the lights light up, the magic comes to the park. There are a lot of amazing lights of different shapes and colors that decorate trees, bridges, trail and make you feel like you're in a fairytale. There is no music but the music of nature so it's just the magic for your eyes. In many places it feels too dark so it's hard to step and it needs to be careful so it's better to have a flashlight so you won't fell down. But flashlight might steal the magic of lightshow. If you're not afraid of darkness, you will like the main feeling of magic. Unfortunately not all lights work and it feels that it would be better and safer if there would be a little bit more light or if the trail would be more highlighted. But the whole uniqueness of the park is definitely implemented with love creating a feeling of magical forest.

Lightland offers a big parking for a lot of cars which is really great. And it's a bit colder than on the coast so if you want to chill after the hot summer heat, this is the right option and entertainment.
  • Tender light elements at Lightland
  • Cave in the forest lightland
  • Highlighted natural shapes in the forest lightland
  • Incredible elements at Lightland park
  • Lightland highlighted installation within rocks
  • Lightland park area of magic
  • Highlighted field in the mountains lightland park
  • Night landscape light view
  • Area for rest lightland
  • Table with chairs at Lightland park
  • Trail at the end of Lightland park
  • Observing park from bar table lightland
  • You should pay for entrance at bar lightland
  • Night field with lights at Lightland park
  • Highlighted tables at lightland park
  • Numerous lights at grass shape at lightland park
  • Lights along the booking trail at lightland
  • Deep forest pure nature lightland
  • Lights at formed tunnels lightland
  • Differently shaped lights at Lightland park
  • Night walk at Lightland
  • Beautiful area of Lightland
  • Beautiful swing at lightland park
  • Orange lights lightland
  • Forest magic at lightland
  • Colorful lamps at lightland
  • Magical nature at Lightland
  • Colorful highlighted nature view lightland
  • Not working light balls lightland park
  • Cozy rest area at lightland
  • Forest night fairytale lightland
  • Little elements for kids play lightland
  • Night forest exploration lightland
  • Random swing at lightland
  • Lovely highlighted bridges at Lightland
  • Changing colours of stairs at lightland park
  • Red stairs lightland park
  • Highlighted green stairs at lightland park
  • Beautiful light play at lightland park
  • Walking at the dark at lightland park
  • Nature in forest at lightland park
  • Colorful light decorations at lightland park
  • Light decorations through the trees lightland park
  • Night lights at Lightland park
  • Exploring lights at Lightland park
  • Decorated nature with lights at Lightland park
  • Hiking within nature at lightland park
  • Tender lights lightland park
  • Stony stairs in the forest at lightland park
  • Lightland park colorful light nature
  • Dark night lights lightland park
  • Blue lights at the tree lightland park
  • Forest trails at lightland park
  • Not bright lights at some areas of Lightland park
  • Highlighted beauty of nature at lightland park
  • Lightland pointer at the road
  • Lightland sign on the road
  • Animals in the forest in the way to Lightland
  • Lightland area
  • Lightland park area
  • Lightland park from inside
  • The countryside road at lightland park area
  • Lightland pixel entrance from parking
  • Mountains around lightland park area
  • View from parking of Lightland park
  • Natural stony stairs highlighted with lights lightland park
  • Trees in lightland park
  • Not shining yet parks area at lightland
  • Landscape view of Lightland
  • Dark view with very little lights lightland
  • Lights in the dark lightland park
  • Some tender lights at Lightland
  • Lightland park changing colours
  • Lights at dark area of Lightland park
  • Lightland park exploring lights