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wild beach area
Wild Beach
May 28, 2022
Mali Pijesak Beach view from the top
Mali Pijesak Beach
June 3, 2022

Small Sand Beach

Small Sandy Beach is a small beach in Dobra Voda city. Dobra Voda is a popular and lovely resort as it's not very luxurious so not very expensive that's why it's very popular among tourists. The main beach in Dobra Voda - Veliki Pijesak beach is overcrowded in a high season so it's nice to have alternatives nearby. And this beach is one of them.

Some not finished buildings are on the first line of the beach so it a bit spoils the main landscape view but the riviera view is still lovely. You can walk along the sea on promenade and enjoy incredible views as well as swim from the rocks.

Small Sandy Beach is stony so it's better to wear swimming shoes to avoid any injuries and feel comfortable exploring the coast. There is a small beach bar that offers drinks and food. The biggest advantage is that there is a playground for kids right next to the beach which is very convenient for tourists with kids. In general it's not the most incredible beach but a nice alternative to overcrowded main beach.
  • Small Sand Beach with promenade 1655642505859
  • Pier near small sand beach 1655642505782
  • Small Sand Beach with the sign 1655642506330
  • Small Sand Beach and playground 1655642506518
  • Small Sand Beach at cloudy day 1655642506694
  • Small Sand Beach and cafe bar 1655642507051
  • Small Sand Beach and its area 1655642507844
  • Small Sand Beach and not finished buildings on the first line 1655642508372
  • Small Sand Beach and parking and view
  • Small Sand Beach from the cafe bar view
  • Small Sand Beach view to Bar
  • Small Sand Beach fishmen and landscape view
  • Observing coastline Small Sand Beach