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Porto Montenegro
Porto Montenegro
May 22, 2022
Small Sand Beach at cloudy day 1655642506694
Small Sand Beach
June 2, 2022

Wild Beach

Wild Beach is a bit hidden pebble beach on the way from Bar to Sutomore. It is located behind the rocky wall and has own cafe and parking with all necessary facilities like sunbeds, umbrellas, changing booths.

The beach isn't very long and it's surrounded by rocks and beautiful nature with lovely trees and flowers around. You can see Bar's port from the beach. There are stairs from the road so you can get closer to the beach. If you have a car, it's easier to reach the beach as it's located on the road between two cities.

Will beach has beautiful pebble and colorful rocks. Bigger rocks separate more wild areas for more private swimming. But it's better to use swimming shoes for comfortable walking and swimming.

Cafe-restaurant offers drinks and tasty dishes so you can spend more quality time at the beach. The water at the sea is most often very transparent and clear. Sunny days will bring more joy for your rest by the sea.
  • Pure nature at sunset at wild beach
  • Wild beach from behind the wall
  • Cafe and mountain wild beach
  • Stones at the sea at wild beach
  • Romantic sunset at wild beach
  • Cafe from wild beach
  • Cafe side and sunset wild beach
  • Wild beach romance
  • Colorful tenderness wild beach
  • Always beautiful nature at wild beach
  • Smaller stony side of wild beach
  • Breathtaking Bar Riviera view from wild beach
  • Colorful contrast at wild beach
  • Turquoise water at wild beach
  • Wild beach landscape at sunset
  • Big stone at wild beach
  • Wild beach coastline from behind a big stone
  • Beautiful sky and stones wild beach
  • Wild beach without horizon line
  • Stony side of wild beach
  • Divine nature wild beach
  • Divine sea at wild beach
  • Divinity at wild beach
  • Sunset glowing at wild beach
  • Transparent water and beautiful colorful stones at wild beach
  • Entrance to wild beach
  • Wild beach separated with the wall
  • Transparent sea and stones wild beach
  • wild beach area
  • Peaceful tender sunset at wild beach
  • Wild beach peace
  • Tender sunset and boat at wild beach
  • Sign at wild beach
  • Stairs to the beach wild beach
  • Place for comfortable rest at wild beach
  • Wild beach with umbrellas at sunset
  • Resting zone of wild beach
  • VIP zone of wild beach
  • Stones in the sea wild beach
  • Sea from behind plants wild beach
  • Peaceful coastline with Bar view wild beach
  • Beautiful side of wild beach
  • Tender peaceful colours wild beach
  • Peaceful sea at wild beach
  • Wild side of wild beach
  • Wild beach cafe and Bar view
  • Landscape wild beach view
  • Wild beach cafe
  • Wild beach view to Bar
  • Wild beach sea and sunbeds
  • Wild beach from the parking
  • Wild beach sunbeds