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Small Sand Beach at cloudy day 1655642506694
Small Sand Beach
June 2, 2022
Surrounded by mountains Rafailovici rocky beach
Rafailovici Rocky Beach
June 12, 2022

Mali Pijesak Beach

Mali Pijesak Beach is not popular hidden beach within rocks with perfectly clear turquoise sea. The beach is located in Dobra Voda village but farther from the main crowded places. You can reach there walking along the sea.

There is a not finished building on the first line so it spoils a bit the main landscape view but this makes it even more cozy and intimate. It is surrounded by beautiful high rocks with some caves which makes it really awesome and appealing for diving. But it needs to be careful and it's better to wear swimming shoes.

You can observe incredible coastline from the beach as well as sunsets. But since Dobra Voda is a very popular resort at a high season, there could be more people as the beach isn't big itself. But at not high season you can truly get inspired by the surrounded nature and the beauty of the sea.
  • Flowers near Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Not finished building at the first line of Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Magical sky from Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Turquoise sea between rocks at Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Trail along Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Lovely Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Mali Pijesak Beach observing coastline
  • Sea and mountains view from Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Coastline next to Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Beautiful stones at Mali Pijesak Beach
  • Mali Pijesak Beach view from the top