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Mali Pijesak Beach view from the top
Mali Pijesak Beach
June 3, 2022
Beautiful coastline of Rafailovici Sandy Beach
Rafailovici Sandy Beach
June 13, 2022

Rafailovici Rocky Beach

Rafailovici Rocky Beach is a wonderful story beach, located in a picturesque part of Budvanska Rivijera near the tunnel that leads to Kamenovo beach. It is surrounded by incredible rocks that make the sea look very transparent and turquoise.

The beach itself isn't large. It has big and a little smaller rocks and pebble. There is a modern cafe that serves food and drinks to tourists. You can see Budva city from the beach. It also allows you to make an incredible photos making you feel nature's touch.

Along the beach there is a hiking trail that goes from Rafailovici sandy beach to Kamenovo beach through the dark tunnel, along the sea. The first line of the sea has modern buildings where people can buy or rent apartments with breathtaking views. This small village Rafailovici has restaurants, shops and all the needed infrastructure as it became a popular and luxury touristic place.

It is located close to the main touristic city Budva and to a lot of sightseeing. There are a few long sandy beaches close to it as well as all the infrastructure, including parks, playgrounds for kids, hotels etc.
  • Rafailovici rocky beach from behind beautiful rocks
  • Big pretty rocks at the sea at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Incredible transparent water and view at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Blue sea at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Surrounded by mountains Rafailovici rocky beach
  • A window in a big rock at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Rafailovici rocky beach cafe and buildings
  • Building and background mountains at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Main rocks of Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Rafailovici rocky beach main rocks view
  • Budva mountains from Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Cafe bar at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Peaceful blue sea at Rafailovici rocky beach
  • Rafailovici rocky beach from Rafailovici hiking road