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November 14, 2022
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St George Island

St George Island is a naturally formed small islet located in front of the city Perast in the fjord of the bay of Kotor, next to the island Our Lady of the Rocks. There are different legends about the history of the island are all of them are pretty mysterious and the island calls The island of Dead.

Nowadays the island is closed from touristic visits but you can take its photos from the sea, Perast or the island in front of it. There is a little catholic church on the island. Combining with Our Lady of the rocks, it creates an impressive landscape view of the bay of Kotor. The beauty of the island made this place and surrounded location one of the most appealing touristic destination.
  • St George Island in front of the mountain
  • Landscape view with St George Island
  • Beautiful St George Island from the church at our lady of the rocks
  • Flowers and St George Island
  • Amazing St George Island in front of Perast
  • St George Island from our lady of the rocks and Perast
  • St George Island under the sunlight
  • St George Island in the bay of Kotor