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Energy Tourism
Energy Tourism in Montenegro
November 2, 2022
St George Island in front of the mountain
St George Island
November 27, 2022

Cultural Cafe Concert on Logos Hope

Cultural Cafe Concert is a wonderful concert of international music that takes part of cruise ship Logos Hope. The concert is aimed to unite people via music, to feel fun and joy of life as well as the connection to God.

The performers are the members of the crew who are also volunteers that work on the ship. They perform songs on different languages. The songs encourage the audience to dance and feel each song. Each song emits love and joy.

The concert has a break in the middle of it so everyone could enjoy tasty coffee or tea on the ship. This also helps people to connect, get know each other and communicate.
  • Cultural Cafe Concert dark dance
  • Cultural Cafe Concert intro
  • Cultural Cafe Concert hip hop dance
  • Cultural Cafe Concert singing band
  • Cultural Cafe Concert song
  • Cultural Cafe Concert modern performance