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Durdevica Tara Bridge
Đurđevića Tara Bridge
June 11, 2020
Becici beach evening
Bečići Beach
June 20, 2020


Nikšić is the second largest city in Montenegro and it is located in the biggest region in the country. This is a big industrial city and one of the most important educational and sporting cities in the country. There are a few factories including the only beer factory named by the city - Nikšićko Pivo. The country is famous by this beer that is importing to other countries in the world.

This is one of few cities that has a train transporting connection that is very important for industrial country needs. The city is located in the center of the country and the region doesn't have access to the sea. But as most cities it is surrounded by mountains (a bit less than seashore cities). There are beautiful small lakes near the city that make it special and brings beauty to the industrial center of the country.

There are a few lovely parks in the city where families can have a nice times, walking with kids. One of the parks is a very big one, that gives a lot of oxygen to the city and a lot of space to enjoy your rest. The city has a pretty wide streets, parking spaces as free as well as paid ones, a lot of supermarkets and all the needed infrastructure. There is a big famous orthodox church in the city located in the hill that makes the view majestic. The prices are lower than on the coastal cities that makes it appealing for staying and traveling to central and north parts of the country.

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  • Orthodox Church of Sveti Vasilije in Niksic
  • Lakes near Niksic
  • Park area in Niksic
  • In the park in Niksic
  • Orthodo Church in Niksic
  • Walking in Niksic
  • Sveti Vasilije Cathedral in Niksic
  • The park in Niksic
  • Carev Most the road to Niksic
  • The view to Niksic
  • Wide squares in Niksic
  • Krupac Lake near Niksic
  • Awide road to the church
  • The theater in Niksic
  • Niksic streets
  • Interesting monuments in Niksic
  • Walking in Niksic city
  • Lovely streets in Niksic
  • Wide streets in Niksic
  • King Nikola Palace and the valley
  • King Nikola Palace on reconstruction
  • The square with King Nikola Palace in Niksic