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Our Lady of the Rocks
September 16, 2020
On the top of Kotor Fortress
Kotor Fortress
September 23, 2020

Carev Most

Carev most is a nice old monumental bridge near Niksic city in Montenegro. It's a historical landmark of the region. It isn't used very much nowadays but you still can walk through it or drive by car. It is located over Zeta river and you can see a really lovely valley from the bridge. The bridge connects Niksic with the rural areas of the region.
  • Carev Most the road to Niksic
  • The view from Carev most to mountains and the valley
  • The view from Carev most to Zeta River
  • River Zeta near the Carev most
  • Carev most to Niksic
  • the beautiful Carev most
  • The view to Niksic
  • Niksic