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Beautiful coastline of Rafailovici Sandy Beach
Rafailovici Sandy Beach
June 13, 2022
Mountains at the background at Little Maljevik Beach
Little Maljevik Beach
June 16, 2022

Maljevik Beach

Maljevik Beach is a picturesque beach in Sutomore region located pretty far from infrastructure. The main feature of this beach is that you can drive close to the beach by car but part of the road is unpaved through the field and close to nature. If you don't have a car, you will need to hike pretty long time to reach it as it's not very close to living area.

In a high season the beach is also pretty crowded (but a bit less than the main Sutomore beach) because a lot of tourists have cars and are ready to drive to the beach to get closer to nature. The beach is pretty unique. Even though it's not the most beautiful beach in the region, it has own unique amazing features. The beach is pretty shallow, with pebbles and there could be a lot of sea urchins so it's better to get prepared and wear swimming shoes while resting at the beach or swimming at the sea.

When you drive to the beach through the field between green trees, shrubs, flowers, surrounded by gorgeous mountains, you meet some absolutely amazing horses grazing in the field near the entrance to the beach. They look like free divine creatures - to tender, wild and gorgeously add beauty to the local fantastic landscape.

Near the beach you can see the sign that there is underwater trail. It means the beach is perfect for snorkeling to observe and enjoy the beauty of underwater world. Another sign says that you can rent kayak or SUP board on thee beach and watch the coastline from the sea which is definitely a good thing as there are some hidden beaches and areas that you can't reach from the land and the only way to reach and discover them - from the sea. The area is picturesque - there is a rich forest with gorgeous plants and the area brings peace and beauty into every heart.

There is a beach bar near the beach that allows any tourist rent sunbeds, umbrellas, kayaks, SUP boards, get some drinks and food. The beach has also changing rooms, toilets. There is no sand at the beach so probably it won't be very comfy for families with kids. But for other goals it could be perfect. You can leave your car on a free parking area above the beach and walk to the beach through the forest along the stony road or light stairs. It's not far or tough to walk. The closest city with infrastructure is Sutomore and it's about 10-15 km to Bar city.
  • Stones and shining sea Little Maljevik Beach
  • Pretty long Maljevik Beach
  • White stony Maljevik Beach
  • Cafe bar tables at Maljevik Beach
  • Pebble Maljevik Beach
  • Adriatic sea view from Maljevik Beach
  • Beautiful sea at Maljevik Beach
  • Maljevik Beach sign with coast view
  • Green coastline of Maljevik Beach
  • Sunbeds and coastline Maljevik Beach
  • Cafe bar at Maljevik Beach
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas at Maljevik Beach
  • Maljevik Beach cafe and sunbeds
  • Beautiful sea forest view from Maljevik Beach
  • Sea view from Maljevik Beach
  • Sea view with cargo ship Maljevik Beach
  • Sign on Maljevik Beach
  • Going to Maljevik Beach with sea view
  • Maljevik coast through the forest
  • The road and hiking trail to Maljevik Beach
  • Blessed trail to Maljevik Beach
  • The road to Maljevik Beach through the forest
  • Underwater trail sign at Maljevik Beach
  • Hiking trail to Maljevik Beach
  • Maljevik Beach cafe near the parking
  • Maljevik Beach kayak and sup rentals sign
  • Maljevik Beach along the beach bar