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Green coastline of Maljevik Beach
Maljevik Beach
June 15, 2022
The look to Strbina Beach from the top
Strbina Beach
June 19, 2022

Little Maljevik Beach

Little Malevik Beach is a hidden hard accessible beach among pure amazing nature. Its location make it perfect for those who wants to run away from crowded popular beaches and enjoy swimming, observing fantastic local landscapes - forests, divine coastline. To get to the beach, you need to drive from Sutomore Zagradje region through wild road to the forest. And after that you will need to walk through the forest to the beach. That's why it's far from living area with infrastructure. It will be pretty challenging to reach for people with small kids and old people. But for those who loves peace and want to rest from the crowds, it's perfect.

Walking through deep shadow of the forest is very refreshing at a hot summer day and balancing for nervous system. It's better to have swimming shoes swimming in the sea as the beach is rocky and there could be urchins. The beach itself isn't very big and not the most incredible - there is pebble and stones all around. But swimming and breathing fresh pine air is very healthy and inspiring. Because of its location there won't be any people even at a high season that's why it's a big adventure to escape from the crowds.

The other advantage and important feature which is mostly unknown for tourists, there is healing dirt source. You can wrap yourself with its healing dirt and stay away from people. The dirt has healing properties for the body and skin.

The beach doesn't have a beach bar as other beaches as well and there is no infrastructure around so please consider it when you get there - take everything you need with you. And please notice, if you will have any garbage, don't leave it at the beach, forest or the sea - take it with you, leave nature clear and respect its beauty. The beauty of nature is in our hands and we can take care of it giving it love the same way as nature shares its love with us.
  • The road to Little Maljevik Beach
  • The view to Little Maljevik Beach through the trees
  • Highlighted Little Maljevik Beach
  • Incredible hidden view to Little Maljevik Beach
  • Green trees above Little Maljevik Beach
  • Hill and beach view Little Maljevik Beach
  • Stony wild Little Maljevik Beach
  • Trail to Little Maljevik Beach
  • Nature around Little Maljevik Beach
  • Hidden from eyes Little Maljevik Beach
  • Shining stony sea at Little Maljevik Beach
  • Empty stony Little Maljevik Beach
  • Stones at the sea at Little Maljevik Beach
  • Mountains at the background at Little Maljevik Beach
  • A very few people at Little Maljevik Beach
  • Blessed sea at Little Maljevik Beach
  • People in dirt at Little Maljevik Beach
  • Beautiful nature surrounded Little Maljevik Beach
  • Divine hidden Little Maljevik Beach
  • Little Maljevik Beach in nature