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Mountains at the background at Little Maljevik Beach
Little Maljevik Beach
June 16, 2022
Crvena Glavica Beach top view
Crvena Glavica Beach
June 25, 2022

Strbina Beach

Strbina beach is an ideal distant beautiful pebble beach in Sutomore region. It is located pretty far from living area, so to reach there, you need to drive to Zagradje region of Sutomore and then drive via unpaved road through the field. So it is basically within pure nature, far from main crowd zone and main beach. There are a very few houses but not many so it's not very popular among tourists. And even despite that, considering that Sutomore is not a very luxurious and expensive resort, the number of tourists is very high so more and more people find out about this amazing beach and visit it.

It is mostly suitable for tourists with cars. There is a large field which is free parking area. After that you can climb down through concrete stairs to the beach as parking is much higher above the sea level. This location makes the beach very clean and cozy. It is surrounded by incredible rocks, mountains, forests and other nature units.

For touristic convenience, there is a very cozy beach bar with modern styled resting areas where people can order drinks, food and even charge their phones or laptops. The beach is literally perfect - everything is there - you can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, change your devices, there are toilets, changing rooms. But also there is space for your privacy where you can lay with your towel or even climb some rocks to get even more privacy. The beach isn't too big but very lovely. There is medium size pebble so you can swim even without swimming shoes but if you have them, it's your advantage.

Nature around the beach is really beautiful - it's like a paradise on the coast. It's a perfect place to get inspired, connect with nature and self and enjoy incredible views. You can observe the underwater world and rocks around with your equipment if you're a sea lover.
  • Rocks trees and sea Strbina Beach
  • Sign in the total where you need to turn to reach Strbina Beach
  • The main road that leads to Strbina Beach
  • Gorgeous mountains around Sutomore Strbina Beach
  • Landscape view while driving to Strbina Beach
  • Mountains in the area of Strbina Beach
  • Walking to the parking from Strbina Beach
  • Rocky side above the beach bar Strbina Beach
  • Cozy style of bar at Strbina Beach
  • Cozy chairs of Strbina Beach
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas at Strbina Beach
  • Other side of cozy bar at Strbina Beach
  • Sea look at Strbina Beach with umbrellas
  • Strbina Beach other side of paid area
  • Cozy sunbeds Strbina Beach
  • Strbina Beach the view from sunbeds
  • 2 sunbeds and an umbrella for 10 euro Strbina Beach
  • Cozy area of Strbina Beach
  • White pebble at Strbina Beach
  • Two sizes of the sea at Strbina Beach
  • Strbina Beach surrounded by green hills
  • Beautiful stony coastline of Strbina Beach
  • Transparent sea and stones at Strbina Beach
  • Amazing turquoise sea at Strbina Beach
  • Highlighted sea side of Strbina Beach
  • Strbina Beach breathtaking perfect Adriatic sea
  • Perfect sea at Strbina Beach
  • Beautiful flowers at Strbina Beach bar
  • Lovely styles Strbina Beach bar
  • Summer colours Strbina Beach
  • From the top of Strbina Beach
  • The ruins near Strbina Beach
  • The look to Strbina Beach from the top
  • Top view to Strbina Beach
  • Beautiful trees around Strbina Beach
  • Info stand about Strbina Beach
  • Stairs to Strbina Beach
  • Strbina Beach bar working hours
  • Stairs to beautiful Strbina Beach along the sea
  • Amazing green concrete trail to Strbina Beach
  • Highlighted green trees the road to Strbina Beach
  • Deep blue sea from the stairs Strbina Beach
  • Beautiful views while going to Strbina Beach
  • The road though pure nature Strbina Beach
  • closer to Strbina Beach
  • Above Strbina bar at Strbina Beach
  • Concrete stairs at Strbina Beach
  • Toilets at Strbina Beach
  • The view to one side of Strbina Beach
  • One side of cafe bar at Strbina Beach with the view