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Bar’s City Beach
July 12, 2020
Petrovac Beach
Petrovac Beach
July 13, 2020

Long Beach (Velika Plaža)

Long Beach (Velika Plaža) is the longest beach in Montenegro and one of the longest in Europe, located in the far south part of the country in Ulcinj Municipality. As opposed to most beaches in Montenegro, it's not only the longest beach (12km long), but it's a very wide (even comparing to other beaches in Europe) sandy beach. Yes, sandy, since most beaches are stony, this one has a very tender but a bit dark as for regular sand color.

It's a perfect place for families with kids, as it's a very safe beach. The water isn't deep at all so for those tourists who love to swim in the deep sea, it's not the perfect choice. But kids will love in there and parents will be happy to watch their kids swimming. It's also a perfect place to build sandcastles and other things on the sand. You can also find some animators for kids in a high season so everyone will enjoy the time there.

Young people can play beach volleyball and other games with a ball. There are a lot of beach bars, sunbeds different shapes and sizes so everyone will find the most appropriate option for their needs. Beach bars offer tasty dishes and cold drinks on a hot day. Of course, you can order and hot drinks like tea or coffee lol - anything you wish for.

The long beach is also a perfect place for people who love running along the beach. You can run even without shoes. If you rest there not in a high season - the whole beach will be for you to enjoy. You can enjoy beautiful Montenegrin mountain views, so appealing Adriatic sea, and breath fresh sea air. The only feature, that most often it's windy after noon on the beach and the wind will carry sand over your feet and if you will be laying on your beach mat, it might be not very pleasant if sand will be everywhere including your swimsuit, hair, face.

This beach is a famous camping destination as there are camps where tourists, that travel on their vans, can stop and enjoy. It has all the needed equipment for that.

The beach is that long and wide, so it can accommodate a lot of people and they can really enjoy their time and not being disturbed by others. It's a really perfect choice for many tourists. You can reach the beach by car or rent an apartment or hotel room near the beach. There are a lot of modern new hotels near the beach. It is located near the border with Albania so for active tourists who like to travel to different places, you can also go to Albania or get a tour from Ulcinj to any sight in the country.

There are a lot of activities on the as you can find - rent a boat, book a boat tour, rent a catamaran etc. You can find there all touristic information to have a perfect vacation. 12 beaches on the Long Beach has awarded with Blue Flag: Havana Beach, Copacabana Beach, Hills Beach, MCM Beach, Cabo Beach, Pearl Beach, White Beach, Saranda Beach, Mojito Beach, Europa Beach, Toni Grill Beach, Miami Beach.
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